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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Callboard
  • Commentary
  • Editorial Cartoon
  • For the Record - arrests
  • Letter to the Editor
  • Opinion
  • Sports

This issue contains articles:

  • Collins, Michael. Fund Helps Offset Budget Shortfalls
  • Dias, Monica. Student Loses Case to Landlady - Robert Bryant
  • Wright, Sharon & Janet Pinkston. Students Bid Farewell to Legacy of MASH
  • Wright, Sharon. Oak Ridge Boys Give Concert Close to Home
  • Allen, Christopher. Deafening 'Sound of Peace' Silences 11-Year-Old MASH
  • Colyer, David. Officers Shouldn't Police
  • Pennington, Gary. Women's Games Free
  • Griffiths, Jim. Herald Takes Cheap Crack
  • Collins, Michael & Monica Dias. Program Would Distribute Money Equally
  • Increased Dorm Hours Proposed
  • Smith, Erica. Coal Minor May be Added
  • Dezern, Craig. Alpha Delta Pi, Charities Win in Sigma Chi Derby
  • 24 Elected to Senate - Faculty Senate
  • Meehan, Mary. Ransom Demands Met - Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Grace, Lee. Eileen Canty Sees Head Coaching Career as Mistake


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