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Unidentified portraits of members of the Class of 1916. Contact if you can identify an image.

Helen Allen, Imogene Doss, M.E. Harrelson, ? Lewis, Essie Myers, ? Travelstead, E.B. Baker, Jess Drake, Jewell Hawkins, C.H. Likens, Claudia Price, Louise Travelstead, Olivia Bristow, Ralph Ellis, Jessie Hawthorne, ? Loudermilk, E.N. Pusey, Carline Truman, E.H. Canon, Gilbert England, Margaret Henderson, Sarah McConnell, Daisy Rasco, Martha Tuck, ? Capshaw, M.C. Ford, Daisy Horn, Gertrude Meek, Guy Robertson, Bedford Turner, ? Chapman, Helen Gray, Georgia James, W.R. Meirs, George Rogers, Nell VanCleave, Gertie Clemons, Jesse Grise, Nona Johnson, G.W. Meuth, Rebecca Schultz, Berthel Vincent, Willie Collers, Elizabeth Guilfoile, Riley Kirk, Earl Miller, Gertrude Shea, Bob Whitehouse, Ellen Donohoe, John Hanes, ? Lewis, Betsy Moorman, Elmo Thomas, and Delia Workman.

Senior Song 1916 lyrics, tune unknown, author unknown, found in UA3/8/1 President Cherry Scrapbook File

Have you ever heard the story of how our school got its name, I'll tell you so you'll understand from whence our Normal came; No wonder that we're proud of the dear place today we see, For here's the way me alma mater told the tale to me.


Sure a little bit of Heaven fell from out the sky one day, And nestled in a spot that is not very far away; And when the angels found it, sure it looked so sweet and fair, They said suppose we leave it, for it looks so useful there. So they sprinkled it with knowledge just to make the Seniors grow For there you'll find the best Seniors no matter where you go Then they dotted it with leaders, who the noblest places fill, And when they had it finished, sure they called it Normal Hill.

'Tis a dear old place of pleasure and of Seniors wondrous wise, And nowhere else on God's green earth have they such loving ties No wonder that the Angels love its seniors as of yore, 'Tis a little bit of Heaven and I love it more and more.



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