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Unidentified portraits of the Class of 1917. Please contact if you can identify an image.

Pattie Allen, Ida Darnell, Charles Henry, Susan Mason, Jan Poindexter, Usrey, Noma, Genie Armstrong, Rupert Devasher, Mary Henry, Elsie May, J.D. Powers, Ruth Walker, Magdalen Banfield, Luther Dickinson, Floyd Hooks, Catherine McGinnis, George Rankins, Gladys Waller, Virginia Bell, Dexter English, Georgie Hunt, Bessie Miller, Gladys Rodgers, Ora Walter, Audrey Benedict, Bryan Garnett, Lucy Jackson, Lessie Miller, Patsy Shobe, J.B. Walters, Edmona Bennett, Elizabeth Glenn, Stacy Jenkins, Maude Miller, Add Tarter, Ann Wheeler, Mildred Bennett, Elva Gooden, Mary Lewis, Bess Moore, D.A. Taylor, Mina White, Lena Bowen, Maymee Gray, Vonnie Lockett, Olive Moore, Eliza Taylor, Corinne Whitehead, Kathleen Brashear, O.A. Greer, Mary Marks, Vessa Moore, Ora Taylor, Catherine Young, M. Bryant, Mary Griffin, Jessie Marlowe, Dora Motley, E.D. Thompson, Mary Courtney, Mary Hendricks, Buna Mason, Susan Peffer and G.W. Turner.



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