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Unidentified portraits of the Class of 1921. Contact if you can identify an image.

Allene Atwood, Reece Bryant, Harry Hendrick, Frances Layton, James Pace, Mary Taylor, Ethel Barnard, Adolphus Butterworth, Alice Holland, John Lewis, Georgia Parks, Ruth Travis, Eva Barton, Vivian Caldwell, Ruth Holman, Clifton Lowry, Virginia Pruden, Katherine Truman, Gus Basham, Sara Clarke, Josephine Holmes, Mary Luter, Lura Reeder, May Upton, Desiree Beale, Weltha Cox, Nell Hooks, Cassius Luttrell, Mary Richards, Annie Vanzant, Mrs. Taylor Beale, Cayce Deatherage, Mildred Hopgood, Bertie Manor, Harvey Riggs, Sallie Vanzant, Robert Beck, J.D. Dixon, John Jackson, Edith Mayfield, Nell Roach, Emily Walker, Ella Bell, Maude Durham, Mary Jameson, Ruth McGinnis, Brinda Roemer, Golda Watkins, William Bell, Thomas Erwin, Grace Jewell, Hubert Mills, Lloyd Rudolph, Eleanor Whittinghill, Marie Bosley, Walter Evans, Jewell Johnson, Eva Moore, Lela Scopes, Annie Wiley, Maynard Botto, Mrs. Charles Eyssen, Emma Keel, Ola Moore, Trume Seymore, Roxie Williams, Lela Bowles, Julia Glenn, L.Y. Lancaster, Florence Nelson, Ruth Spurlin, Wilma Winkler, G.O. Bryant, John Harper, Clarice Langston, Bessie Oates, Geneva Sweatt,and Lura Woosley.



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