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Magazine created by and about the students of Potter College. The Green & Gold contains articles, short stories, poetry and news regarding events of the college, students and alumni.

  • The Evolution of Personality
  • Hurt, Lillian. The Evolution of Personality in Nineteenth Century Poetry
  • Alcestis – Dramatic Monologue Based on Euripides’ Play
  • Coombs, Belle. Sir Roger Falls in Love
  • Hobson, Margaret. The Dinner at the Inn
  • Washburn, Mary. Sir David Dundrum & the Widow
  • Sanders, Nora. The Poodle
  • Crandell, Pearl. After the Dinner at the Inn
  • Washburn, Mary. Sir David Dundrum Becomes Infatuated with the Widow
  • Drake, Elizabeth. The Dinner at the Widow’s
  • Settle, Lattie. The Widow on Her Way to London
  • Parkman, Marie. Lady Freeport’s Call on the Widow
  • Bell, Mattie. The Widow at a Play
  • Runyan, Lena. The Invitation
  • Posey, Bess. The Dress for the Ball – Shopping
  • Eastland, May. The Widow’s Preparation for the Ball
  • Wilford, Mary. Sir Roger Is Invited to Lady Freeport’s Ball
  • Suddarth, Cecil. The Widow at the Ball
  • The Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Reception
  • New Year’s Day at Potter College
  • Miss Hahn’s Reception
  • The Valentine Party
  • Sigma Theta Phi
  • Mrs. A.B. Tissington’s Reception to the Sorority
  • Delta Pi Kappa
  • Mu Phi Psi
  • Athletics – Tennis, Basketball
  • Ossolian Society
  • Hypatian Society
  • Mammoth Cave
  • Uniforms
  • Alumnae Notes
  • Young Women’s Christian Association
  • Miscellaneous / Personals
  • Wit & Wisdom
  • Genius
  • In Memoriam – Rachel Parnell


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