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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Book Marks
  • Hilltopics
  • Society Page
  • Faculty Notes
  • Club News
  • Sports
  • Birds I View
  • Looking Backward
  • Kentucky Building News
  • Alumni Flashes
  • Personals
  • Vets Views
  • Kentucky Building News

Articles in this issue:

  • Bo McMillin Speaks as Jaycees Honor Team
  • Music Groups to Play Here Next Week
  • Herald Wins Highest CSPA National Award
  • Summer School Program to be Out Next Week
  • Edwin Mims to Speak at Club Banquet
  • Talisman Will be Delivered by May 24
  • Shore, Kenneth. Thousands Hear Chapels, WKCT’s Paul Huddleston Says
  • State Methodist Student Movement Director to Meet Students
  • Please – editorial
  • Shore, Kenneth. Shore Lines
  • Industrial Arts Graduate Directs in Virginia – Chester Lane
  • Fred Pyror’s Essay Adjudged Best
  • Dr. Arndt Stickles Interprets News
  • CBS Opens Script Contest
  • 49 to Attend Summer Camp – AFROTC
  • Hawkins, Edith. Musical Notes
  • Bob Lavoy Sixth in Nation
  • College Hi Teachers Attend Conference
  • Willard Winkenhofer Gets Local Appointment
  • Riflemen Set Record in Victory Over Eastern
  • Pistol Club Being Planned by Officer
  • Students Head Boy Scout Pack
  • Bob Lavoy Named on All-Star Team
  • Air ROTC Organizes Prop and Wing Club
  • Frederick Finley Makes Progress with Rifle Team Girls
  • Students Elected to Methodist Student Movement office
  • Conduct Story Hour
  • Stith Thompson Speaks at Alumni Meet
  • Rabbai Explains Role of Jew in American Life
  • Thursday Final Day for Ogden Entrants
  • Hal Gomer Enters Designs in Julore Contest
  • Student Reminded to Take Typhoid Shots
  • PTA Sponsors Lecture


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