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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

Regular features include:

  • Birds I View
  • Looking Backward
  • Hilltopics
  • Mind Your Manners
  • Kentucky Building News
  • Alumni News
  • Book Marks
  • Society Page
  • Faculty Notes
  • Club News
  • Musical Notes

Articles in this issue:

  • Western Meets Murray to Open Debate Season
  • Ricardo Odnoposoff Presents Third Concert
  • Foundation Celebrates 30th Year of Service
  • 37 Seniors to Receive Degrees
  • Ella Jeffries Former Geography Department Head Dies
  • Students Exhibit Art Work
  • Henderson Honors Jimmy Feix
  • New Club is Organized on Hill – Social Science Club
  • Frances Anderson Attends Meeting in Washington
  • Pop Concert to be Given This Sunday by Band
  • Gwenda Davies Plays Lead in Play Due February 5
  • Trying – editorial
  • Helm, Margie. In Tribute – Sarah Smith
  • Atkinson, Nancy. Charles Shields Returns from Trip Abroad
  • Delightful Confusion – editorial
  • Ginger, Herbert. Grizzly Bears & Big Talk Are Just the Thing In Alaska
  • Army ROTC Unit Receives New Instructor – Samuel Prefferkorn
  • Western Round Up for Party Following St. Bonaventure Game
  • Grad Directs Taxation Department – Joseph Robertson
  • Claude Rose Family Visits in Florida
  • 1940 College High Grads Entertained
  • John Fuqua is Assigned to Italy
  • General Ray Porter Visits Army ROTC
  • Laura Stuart Reigns as Military Queen
  • Players & Music Department to Present Folk Opera
  • Mrs. Arndt Stickles Succumbs
  • Rural Training School Presents Holiday Program
  • Tickets on Sale at Howard Jewelers – Harlem Globetrotters
  • Coach Ed Diddle Improving
  • Pershing Rifles Entertains
  • College High Selects Mr. & Miss Student


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