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Magazine created by and about the students of Potter College. The Green & Gold contains articles, short stories, poetry and news regarding events of the college, students and alumni.

  • Toast to Potter
  • Redmond, Ethel. A Negro Sermon
  • McCurdy, B.O. Never Seem to Be What You Are Not
  • Eastland, May. A New “Brer Rabbit & Brer Possum” Story
  • The Universal Sovereign
  • Postlewaite, Delphia. Pat’s Joke
  • Description of the Azores
  • Sanders, Norah. Ghosts
  • Barr, Corrine. Interpretation of Prometheus Unbound
  • Mitchell, Katherine. The Misfortunes of Rastus
  • Earth’s Pain
  • The Passing of Pleasant Potter College
  • Wilford, John. The Passing of Pleasant J. Potter College
  • Beta Sigma Omicron
  • Sigma Iota Chi
  • Phi Mu Gamma
  • Eta Upsilon Gamma
  • YWCA Notes
  • Lewis, Lena. Ossolian Society
  • Sleadd, Gertrude. Hypatian Society
  • Juniors Entertain Seniors
  • Recitals
  • Class Day Program
  • Personals
  • Whims & Whams
  • Exchanges
  • Fancy Dress Party Given by YWCA


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