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Issue mis-numbered Vol. 31, No. 10


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

Regular features include:

  • Looking Backward
  • Hilltopics
  • Kentucky Building News
  • Alumni News
  • Book Marks
  • Faculty Notes
  • Musical Notes
  • Weddings & Engagements
  • Religious News

Articles in this issue:

  • Kelly Thompson Named Acting President by Regents
  • Wayne Everly Wins Ogden Contest
  • Western’s Breakfast Will Highlight Kentucky Education Association Activities
  • A.L. Crabb Speaks at English Dinner
  • Mock Trial Will be Held April 26
  • Forrest Pogue Will Talk on His Book at History Dinner
  • Army and Air ROTC Awards Day is April 22
  • Debaters Enter National Tournament
  • Talisman Ball Slated April 29
  • Study Abroad This Summer – editorial
  • Veneman, Bill. The Rains , Not Spring Came
  • Davis, Tom. 50 Year Mystery Remains Unsolved – Woman in the Glass
  • Students Present Kiwanis Progam
  • Registrar’s Office Has Special Typewriter
  • 13 Graduates Receive Air Force Orders
  • Four Physics Majors Announce Their Post-Graduation Plans
  • Announcement Made by Army Reserve Unit
  • J.T. Orendorf Named to Ogden Board
  • Mrs. Irene Erskine Resigns
  • Moore, John. Fine Building Stone Was Once Quarried in Warren County
  • Student Accepted by Three Medical Schools – Willard Blankenship
  • Herbert Smith Will Head Rotary Club
  • Pershing Rifles Received Superior Rating
  • Carol Cheal Elected New President of Western Players
  • Sterling Clark and David Hightower are Attending Conclave
  • Teaching of Science Course is Added to Elementary Curriculum
  • Third District Education Association Meeting Friday
  • Stagner, Pat. Ogden College Campus Has Historical Significance
  • Air Society Aids Initiation of New Group
  • Veneman, Bill. Do You, Like Others, Have a Dull Pencil?
  • Magazine Edited by D.K. Wilgus Now on Market
  • Cherry Country Life Club Will Give Banquet
  • Thompson, Pattye. Things Can and Do Change
  • Western Players Will Give Twelve Pound Look
  • Art Club Will Sponsor Dinner Dance
  • Lester Russie Added to Army ROTC Staff
  • James DeVore Joins AFROTC Staff
  • Former Student Named Assistant Attorney General – Hugh Hollingsworth
  • Annual Sunrise Service is Sunday at 6:30
  • The Herald Salutes Ed Knauer, Porter Hines, R.C. Woodward & W.E. McPherson
  • Good Friday Chapel Will Feature Chorus
  • Contest Announced for College Photographers
  • Most Valuable Player – Jerry Whitsell
  • Veneman, Bill. Earthworms May be as Damaging as Squirrels
  • Students Are Hosts to Chemical Society
  • College High’s Annual Banquet Held Recently
  • Thornberry, Don. Potter Hall Basement is Finished
  • College High Rated Superior in Festival
  • George Gillespie Presents Trombone Recital
  • Judy Koch Awarded Two Graduate Appointments
  • 40 Participate in Spelling Bee Won by Jimmy Rager
  • Bell, Don. New York Won’t Surpass Western’s Easter Parade – Fashion
  • Cattle Show & Sale Held on Campus
  • Silk Screen Prints Are on Display in Gallery Owen Arnold Presents Pan American Program


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