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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news.

Regular features include:

  • Just a Second
  • Campus Line
  • For the Record / Crime Reports
  • People Poll
  • Sports
  • Diversions
  • Movie Reviews
  • Classifieds

Articles in this issue:

  • Goetz, Kristina. Wage Increase May Cost Students
  • Hall, Jason. Budget Will Not be Overhauled
  • Van Winkle, Cara. Graduates Find New Opportunities After College
  • LaBelle, Charboneé. Faculty Opinion of Thomas Meredith Divided
  • LaBelle, Charboneé. Two to be Selected as Distinguished Professor
  • The 1996 Marsupial Awards
  • Yeric, Andrea. Winners Got No Play – Women’s Tug of War
  • Payne, Keith. Students Should Hold Regents Accountable
  • Short, Dwaine. Students Just Don’t Care About Student Government Association
  • Laves, Karl. Thank You, Chris Hutchins
  • Boards, Taga. Who is the Racist?
  • Lowe, Karin. Banshee: Party Brings Out Bad Qualities in Participants
  • Craig, Ryan. It’s a Wacky World Away from Western
  • Gagliardi, Melissa. Too Much to do Before Graduating
  • Curtis, Stacy. Letting Go Isn’t Easy Thing to Do
  • Wright, Jennifer. Police Name Top Cop – Gordon Turner
  • Stamper, John. Audience Doesn’t ‘Blossom’ for New Network Simulcast – Gin Blossoms
  • Lucas, Fred. Western Wins National Championship – WKU Forensics Team
  • Gagliardi, Melissa. Remedial Courses Still Needed, Educators Say
  • Creekmore, Katrina. Flying Dentist Prepares for Graduation
  • Lucas, Fred. New Student Government Officers Sworn In
  • Stamper, John. Students Dig Into Past, Study Confederate Grave Site
  • Lenz, Rebecca. Improvements Will Progress Through Summer
  • Carnahan. Jason. Bookstore Not the Cheapest Place for Software
  • Scott, Mike. General Education Classes Offer Students Variety
  • Flanagan, Beth. Graduate Gives Classic Instruments to Western – James Coleman
  • Campus Services Alter Hours for Finals Week
  • Hall, Jason. Board of Regents to Increase Pay for University Staff
  • Hall, Jason. New Vice President’s Position to Oversee Existing Technology – Information Technology
  • Van Winkle, Cara. Group Celebrates 25 Years of Worship – Amazing Tones of Joy
  • Western Seeks Volunteers for Special Olympics
  • Thomas, Kim. The Two Faces of Depression
  • Lega, Stephen. Western’s Plan to be Discussed by Regents – Title IX
  • Lega, Stephen. Schools Must Meet NCAA, Federal Rules – Title IX
  • Finch, Mike. Sheldon Benoit Trades CFL Cleats for College Degree
  • Clemons, Jeremy. Chicago Compares with All-time Great, Unbeata-Bull Now
  • Equestrian Team Aims for National Title
  • Western Football Player Drafted by CFL – Stuart MacKenzie
  • Jaime Walz Gets State Honors


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