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The WKU Student Honors Research Bulletin is dedicated to scholarly involvement and student research. These papers are representative of work done by students from throughout the university.

  • Whicker, Garth. Agriculture and the Development of Malaysia
  • McGaha. Rape, Passion, Lechery, Usury, Incest, Murder and other Matters in The Ravenger's Tragedy
  • Harrison, Robert. It was a Day of Very General Awakening . . : Reformation and Revival in Russellville, Kentucky
  • King, Betty. An Affirmative Decision for James's Isabel Archer
  • Sutton, Joyce. Sex Bias in Performance of Women
  • Logsdon, Doug. Poe's Women
  • Yoder, Nate. Emily Dickinson and Her Puritan Heritage
  • Davis, Aleen. Jay Haley: A Strategic Approach to Family Therapy and an Applied Illustration of the Process
  • May, Nancy. Symbolic Stigmata and Messianic Identification in Hawthorne
  • Humphreys, H.M. Malignancy and Its Ravages: A Study of Flem Snopes in Faulkner's The Hamlet
  • Salyer, Gregory. The Parable of the Friend at Midnight
  • Rasor, Jim. The Relationship of Clouds and Precipitation
  • Bryan, Sandra. Concepts of Artificial Intelligence


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