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The WKU Student Honors Research Bulletin is dedicated to scholarly involvement and student research. These papers are representative of work done by students from throughout the university.

  • Coates, Alan. Management's Attitude Toward Collective Bargaining
  • Frew, Becky. The Effects of Personality Type and Social Support on Instances of Job Stress
  • Green, Laura. Earth Sheltered Housing
  • Gregory, Vicky. Fraud and Abuse by Medical Providers in Medicare and Medicaid
  • Hignite, Susan. Japanese Students in Kentucky Classrooms
  • Hodum, Martha. The Mathematically Gifted Child
  • Jones, Rodney. Superman to Censorship: America's Romance with the Comic Book
  • Marrs, Shawn. Romanticism and Unromanticism in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
  • Mason, Layne. Can the White Ash Tell? A Case Study in Dendrochronology
  • Renfrow, Judy. A Comparison of Multiple Regression and Quadratic Trend Forecasting Models for WKU Enrollment
  • Shuffett, Joe. Subliminal Messages
  • Simpson, Melissa. Regression Analysis of WKU Fall Enrollments


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