WKU Journalism

Publication Date

Summer 1987


Newspaper created by students participating in the High School Publications Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Hatcher, Lee. 34 Yearbook Students Explore Ideas, Layouts
  • Kiggins, Pamela. Vander Heyden Recommends Brainstorming for Story Ideas
  • McGregor, Heather. Yearbook Instructors Captivate Class
  • Scholarship Recipients Selected
  • Ericksen, Jennifer. Producing Better Papers is Goal of Newspaper Class
  • Boston, Amy. Daily News Tour Offers Inside Look
  • Vincent, Cindy. Dedication Characterizes Newspaper Instructors
  • Smith, Rhonda. Candid Cameras: Photography Students Shoot, Develop Skills
  • Wingfield, Rebecca. Photo Instructors Share Experience, Encouragement
  • Clark, Allison. Man With a Cause: Dave LaBelle's Pictures Reflect His Interest in People
  • Ennis, Reed. Women Dominate Workshop
  • Logsdon, Lora. Staff Helps Operation Run Smoothly
  • Bonham, Cathy. Good Reporting is Essential for Good Writing, Bob Adams Says
  • Fort, Liz. Free Time: Students Enjoy Rare Commodity During Workshop
  • Zeles, Vince. No Obstacles Keep Students from Mountain
  • Zeles, Vince. Gilbert Hall Becomes Temporary Home for Workshoppers
  • Boston, Amy. Long Classes, Short Free Time Don't Please Everybody
  • Caswell, Tammy. Jennifer Eriksen Hangs Up Ballet Shoes for Excitement of Go Kart Racing
  • Caswell, tammy. Baseball Cards Interest Fans
  • Cambron, Laurie. Rhonda Smith Writes for Young Miss
  • Cummane, Nora. Frequent Moves Don't Limit Richard Ware's Activity
  • Ennis, Reed. Student-Athlete has Little Time for Social Life - Pam Kiggins
  • Bonham, Cathy. Heidi Slaughter Hopes Karate Will Get Her to Olympics
  • Caswell, Tammy. Food Fare (or is that Fair?) for Workshoppers
  • Cambron, Laurie. Advisers Learn as Students at Workshop
  • Clark, Alison. Junior Scholars Learn About Western
  • Keys, Shannon. Young Athletes Drilled on Fundamentals
  • Fauver, Elizabeth. Western's the Right Place
  • Cummane, Nora. WBKO-TV Tour Shows Another Media Area
  • Ellis, Billy. Students See 'Vettes Take Shape


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