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Newspaper created by students participating in the Minority Journalism Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Berry, Erica. Officials Face Court Order to Equalize State's Education
  • Stewart, Nikita. Blacks Gaining Slowly n Newsrooms
  • Oldham, Frank. Reporters Document Rights March
  • Lynk, Rewa. Junk Dealer Helped Force City Schools to Integrate - Henry Alexander
  • Chatman, Shirl. Car Deals Bring Success to Minority Businessman - Cornelius Martin
  • McDonald, Robbie. Top Priority Has Become Recruiting
  • Stewart, Nikita. Reminders of Slavery Stir Reporter
  • Dixon, Adra. Student Sells for Future - Paul Boards
  • Wright, Lisa. Writer Combines Love for Sports, Ministry - Bruce Branch
  • Wright, Lisa. Broadcaster Faces Race, Sex Bias - Dorinda Carter
  • Walker, Wendy. Professor Lends Hand to Chinese Studying Coal - Wei-Ping Pan
  • Wright, Lisa. Equal Funding Needed for State Schools
  • McDonald, Robbie. Keeping Issues Out of High School Papers Won't Make Problems Go Away
  • Oldham, Frank. Military Brass Missed an Early Opportunity to Fight Drug Trade
  • Workshop '88 Introducing . . .
  • Walker, Wendy. Workshoppers Learn Writing, Photography, Publish Newspaper
  • Beason, Tyrone. WBKO Growing After Changes
  • Kiefer, Jassen. Students Make Splash at Opryland
  • Dixon, Adra. Highland Shepherds Workshop Flock
  • Stewart, Christi. For Tennessean City Editor, Talking Not Idle Chatter - Dwight Lewis
  • Kiefer, Jasen. Students Tour Corvette Plant
  • Beason, Tyrone. Photographer Says Preparation is Key to Quality Picturesw - Gary Hairlson
  • Chatman, Shirl. Photographer Wants Pictures to Have Impact - Sam Upshaw
  • Berry, Erica. TV Account Exec Bitten by Media Bug - Steve Benson
  • McDonald, Robbie. Newspaper Editor Enjoys Making Pieces Fit - Gloria Ballard
  • Lynk, Rewa. Man in the Mirror: A Reflection of Change
  • Oldham, Frank. Roger Rabbit Leads New Movies
  • Stewart, Christi. Alexander O'Neal Jams on Hearsay
  • Stewart, Nikita. Young Minister Leads Old Church - Christopher Battle
  • Mills, Deanna. Meat Packer Expanding Business - Curt Sullivan
  • Oldham, Frank. Secretary Helps Family Business - Kelly Burnam
  • Dixon, Adra. For One Professor, Arguments, Conflict Put Bread on the Table - Alzalur Rahim
  • Mills, Deanna. Athlete Juggles Books, Balls, Jeff Whitney
  • Lyne, Rewa. Anthony Smith Working to Excel at Western
  • Lynk, Rewa. Writer Enjoys People Stories - Tommy George
  • Mills, Deanna. Psychology Professor Drawn by Need to Help Students - Livingston Alexander


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