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Newspaper created by students participating in the Minority Journalism Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Seay, Cherise. Western Updates, Submits New Affirmative Action Reports
  • Seay, Cherise. Supreme Court Decision Doesn't Change Review
  • Overstreet, Camille. Voting Rights Act a Victory for America
  • Green, DeAnn. Bag(pipe) Lady: Her Hot Air Makes Music - Sheryl McCracken
  • Smith, Scheri. Bagpipe Facts
  • King, Heather. Negative Experiences, No Support Discourage Black Men from College
  • Simmons, Regina. Basketball Camps Fun for Players, Coaches
  • Green, DeAnn. City Police Earn Community's Trust
  • Gatewood, Davita. Local Officials Agree Curfew Not Needed
  • Stewart, Laze & DeAnn Green. Group Helps Minority Businesses
  • Ervin, Jymiela. Western Needs More Black Decision Makers - Howard Bailey
  • Overstreet, Camille. Affirmative Action Helps People Reach Their Goals
  • Smith, Scheri. Women, It's Time to Take Charge
  • Seay, Cherise. Education Passport to Opportunities, Jobs
  • Allen, Elizabeth. Biracial Background Allows Student to Experience the Best of Both Worlds
  • Brewer, Jerry. Investigator Seeks Clues to Expose Jim Highland
  • RIchardson, Tiffany. Dwight Lewis Tells Workshoppers to Work to Find Your Niche
  • Lockhart, Shaun. Herald-Leader Rolls Out Carpet for Workshoppers
  • Simmons, Regina. We Have to Keep Trying to Get Better - Wilma King-Jones
  • Profiles . . .
  • Overstreet, Camille. He Gives It all He's Got - Gary Hairlson
  • Tyus, Demetra. Workshop Gives Students Real-Life Look at Journalism
  • Smith, Scheri. Jim Highland Infects Students with Journalism Bug
  • Thanks
  • Lockhart, Shaun. Former Workshopper Urges Students to Read, Write - Nikita Stewart
  • Stewart, Laze & Mesha Williams. Rainy Day Dampens Spirits at Opryland
  • Gatewood, Davita. Panther Provides Wake-Up Call
  • Richardson, Tiffany. Batman Disappointing
  • Bishop, Stacy. HIS-tory Screams with Success
  • Smith, Scheri. Workshoppers Tour Hometown Television
  • Williams, Mesha. Group Told Pursue Your Dreams
  • Allen, Elizabeth. Corvette Plant Draws Thousands of Tourists
  • Gatewood, Davita. Major Payne Will Crack You Up
  • Bishop, Stacy. Disney's Pocahontas Pleases Old and Young Movie Goers
  • Brewer, Jerry. Western Has Difficulty Meeting Equity Rules
  • Allen, Elizabeth. Times Sportswriter Offers Tips on Interviewing - Tommy George
  • Brewer, Jerry. Jim McDaniels Awaits Decision on Job
  • Ervin, Jymiela. Running Back Meets Adversity Head On - Antwan Floyd
  • Greenwell, George. Stay Focused on Getting the Job Done - Gloria Ballard
  • Williams, Mesha. Journalism is a Natural Adrenaline Boost - Kimberly Thompson
  • Bachaus, Louis. Bob Adams Enjoys Helping Students


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