WKU Journalism

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Newspaper created by students participating in the High School Publications Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Goff, Tracey. Four Students Couldn't Settle for One
  • Welch, Jeff. Workshop Enrollment Remains Steady
  • Foster, Kyle. Administrators Provide Support for Workshop
  • Leach, Kelly. Terry Vander Heyden Offers Story Suggestions
  • Stuart, Beth. Mark Lyons Urges Photographers to Prepare for Assignments
  • Trunnell, Katrina. Interview Tips Offered
  • Goff, Tracey. Students Tour Daily News Office
  • Stuart, Beth. For Workshop Students, It Was a Class Act
  • Pitts, Jil. So Rare - Nothing is Free Any More, Especially Time to Relax
  • Welch, Jeff. Experienced Instructors Share Knowledge
  • Foster, Kyle. Strangers Leave Workshop With New Friends
  • Leach, Kelly. From Dorms to Classes, It's All Up Hill
  • Anderson, Stacy. Living in Dorm Not Exactly Like Being at Home
  • Trunnell, Katrina. Advisers Become Students
  • Anderson, Stacy. Grill, Ordering Out Won't Replace Mom


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