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Issue misnumbered as Vol. 54, No. 16, this is No. 17.


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Fish, Tim. Televised Game May Bring $73,000
  • Malone, Roger. Performer’s Juggling, Tricks Entertain Crowds of Students – Don Lehn
  • Judd, Alan. Regents Will Decide Minority Issue
  • Stevens, Vickie. Continuing Education Provides Workshops
  • Regents Should Appoint Minority Representative
  • Attendance May Decide Future TV Coverage Here
  • Zimmerman, Steven. Sets Writer Straight
  • Jackson, Victor. Thanks Campaign Help
  • Platt, Thomasine & Lynne Dixon. Criticizes Christy Vogt Letter
  • Ealy, Cindy. Responds to Christy Vogt Letter
  • Parson, David. Angry Over Concert
  • Beshear, Tom. Advance Registration Set
  • Heat on in All Campus Buildings
  • Associated Student Government Backs Thornton’s Plan to Add Minorities to Panel
  • Forum to Discuss Cable TV
  • Malone, Roger. Pope John Paul II ‘Could Bring Change’
  • Stevens, Vickie. Withdrawal: Some Decide Western’s not for Them
  • Galloway, Amy. Band Perfects Act for TV Appearance
  • Frederick, Elise. Interpretive: ‘Payments’ Extravagant, Well Cast
  • Galloway, Amy. Meteorologist Expecting Mild Winter
  • Renovations Cost $4 million – Schneider Hall, Kentucky Building
  • Religion Teachers Present Papers – James Spiceland & Ed Schoen
  • Beshear, Tom. Interhall Council Requests Vending Study
  • Four Dorms Increase Open House
  • White, Don. Western, Eastern to Meet on Conference Showdown
  • Jimmy Feix, Roy Kidd Downplaying Big Game
  • White, Don. Booster Club Yet to Face Real Test – WKU Hundred Club
  • Tops Face Last Challenge before Ohio Valley Conference
  • Topper Wins Race in World-class Time
  • Betty Langley Expects Easy Win at University of Louisville
  • Taylor, Beth. Softball All-star Game Today
  • Riflery Team in Tourney
  • Tops to Run in Knoxville


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