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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Armstrong, Bryan. Regents Oppose Ohio Valley Conference Grant Limit
  • Carpenter, Steve. Firm Approves Its Own Work; Permit Issued – Kentucky Building
  • Judd, Alan. 5.5% Ceiling Set on Pay Increases
  • Morris, Ken. Bad Checks Typical, Businessmen Say
  • Hancock, Catherine. Six Credit Hours Needed for Aid
  • Council on Higher Education Voice Could Depend on Governor
  • Livingston, David. Study Not Encouraged
  • Riggs, Michael. Defends Team
  • Wallace, Marc. Commends Students
  • Eblen, Tom. Misses Nurse – Pearl Satterfield
  • Fish, Tim. Concert Future May Depend on Heart
  • Howe, Margaret. Clarifies Issue
  • 300 Greeks Meet at Western
  • Suspect Pleads Innocent to Rape – James Proctor
  • Young, Monte. Faculty’s 5.5 Percent Raise Is Lower Than Inflation Rate
  • Beaty, Lisa. Graduate Interns Get ‘Real World’ Training
  • Taylor, Beth. Snow Claims 200 Spaces – Parking
  • Judd, Alan. Schools Opposes Title IX Translation
  • Black Poetry Hour Tonight
  • Beshear, Tom. Authority Expands If Campus Involved – WKU Police
  • 2200 Tickets Sold for Heart concert
  • Many Dislike Testing System
  • 50 Western Students Named to Who’s Who
  • Celebrity Donations Used in Charity Sale – Gamma Sigma Sigma
  • Spring Enrollment Expected to Rise
  • Taylor, Susan. Combined Classes Get Positive response
  • Shirley, Margaret. Semi-graduate Classes Usually Open to All
  • Program to Honor Civil Rights Leader – Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Garner, Laura. STAN Account Frauds ‘not a Major Problem’
  • Shirley, Margaret. Student Makes Signs Advertising Events – Billy Jordan
  • Carpenter, Steven. Western May Exceed Its Electrical Allotment
  • Moscow Philharmonic Will Play to Full House
  • Student Monitors Hired
  • Stewart, Kevin. Mike Reese’s Hot Hand Burns Tech, 80-66
  • Stoner, Bob & Tommy George. Larry Cuzzort Wins Mason-Dixon 3000-meter Run
  • Despite Dismal Record, Western Dazzles in Ohio Valley Conference
  • Younkin, Linda. Third Place Best Finish in Games – Gayle Watkins
  • Taylor, Beth. Errant Pass Seals Bucs’ Win