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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Johnston, Scott. English department Reevaluates CLEP
  • Caudill, Tom. New Course Offerings Decrease This Semester
  • Sen. Edmund Muskie to Speak Tuesday
  • Strehl, Mary & Harry Sarles. Far out … WKU Astronomers Are Monitoring Comet for Radio Waves - Kohoutek
  • Rice Bowl Bus to Leave at 8p.m
  • Scholarships to Be Awarded to ROTC Students
  • Research Conference Set – Sigma Xi Society
  • Show Recreates Nativity Sky – Hardin Planetarium
  • Energy Crisis Hits Others More Severely Than Western
  • Skidoo! 15th Street Hill Bears Watching
  • Brizendine, Clint. Free Market for Gas
  • Mitchell, Eddie. No Spirit
  • McCubbin, John. Bible Not Corruptive
  • Herndon, Ralliin. Agrees with Reginald Glass
  • Students’ Pet Teaching Is a Junior High for One of the Little People – Pam McCurry
  • Johnston, Scott. Doobie Brothers Show Was ‘Average’
  • McCoy, Morris. Western Players Present a Woody Allen Comedy – Don’t Drink the Water
  • Bowling Green (Ohio) Choir to Perform Here Tuesday
  • Westerners Study Jupiter
  • Pence, Carter. It’s a Rice Day: Western vs. Grambling
  • Smith, Verenda. Basketballers to Risk 2-0 Mark
  • Collins, Don. Turnovers Plague Junior Varsity
  • Rogers, Richard. Injuries Slow Swimmers
  • Western’s Teacher Ed Plan Published


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