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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Elam, Jerry. Chances for Campus Radio in Near Future Look Slim
  • Clayworth, Carl. Associated Student Government Plans Centralized Dorm Hearing Boards
  • McCoy, Morris. Elliot Richardson Billed to Speak Here Next Week
  • Extended Class Drop Period Performs as It Was Intended
  • Students Should Take Advantage of Faculty-student Interaction
  • Durbin, Lon. State of Confusion
  • Whitehead, David. No Rights
  • Arnold, Vivian. Change of Heart
  • Ayers, Elaine. Jail: not a Nice Place to Visit
  • Madison, Stephanie. A Student like Nun Other Is in for Life – Sister Rita Joseph
  • Stuart, Robert. Director William Lenoard Helps Hello Dolly to Make Marry photo essay
  • McCoy, Morris. London—City and Theatre—Versatile for Study Tour
  • Barbershoppers Sing Here Tomorrow
  • Martin, Lee. Grad Classes Extended to Owensboro
  • Reynolds, James. Humanities Semester Plan to include Several Requirements in One Program
  • Caudill, Tom. Proposal Would Lower Senior Hours
  • Griesch, Jim. The Campus Goes to the GIs at WKU Eagle PREP
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Toppesr Hope to Sack Raiders, Upset the Wild Ohio Valley Conference Race again
  • Rogers, Richard. Swimmers Face Stiff Challenges
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. News Is Good for Two Gridders, but No News Isn’t So Good for Two Others
  • Collins, Don. Ralph Baker Cooks with Four Scholarship Players Mixed Literally with Walk-ons
  • Ohio Valley Conference Basketball returns to TV for Five-week Run
  • Collins, Don. Western Coeds Are Looking for Win
  • Lawrence, Fred. Lloyd Kolker and Track: They’ve been Together a Long Time
  • Lawrence, Fred. Indoor track Season Begins with Meets at Cleveland, Indiana University
  • Elam, Jerry. Femme Fatales Women ‘Hai’ on Self-defense
  • George Kinnear Starts Wrestling Club
  • Riflers Face University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University


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