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Quarterly newspaper published by the Southern Normal School to advertise courses, publicize events on campus and keep alumni informed. The paper has been scanned for searching, but is not 100% full-text searchable. Name index available at:

  • Green, Robert. Value of a Liberal Education
  • Educational Corporation Organized
  • Law Department of the Southern Normal School
  • Law Students
  • Education the Road to Civic Power
  • Governmental Repressiveness
  • Guilliams, J.M. Some Hints on Teaching Arithmetic
  • Guilliams, J.M. Some Definitions of Grammar
  • Capt. C.J. Vanmeter
  • A College for Teachers
  • Frisbie Hall
  • Harman, J. Lewie. Will It Pay to Study Shorthand?
  • Ashby, W.S. The Origin & Evolution of Bookkeeping
  • Our School of Telegraphy
  • Prof. J.L. Kollorohs


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