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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Richardson, Kelly. Employee Sues Western for Discrimination – Ingrid Woods
  • Hupman, Samantha. College Parents More Involved
  • McNamara, Andrew. Storms Cause Damage, Cancel Classes - Tornadoes
  • Richardson, Kelly. Board of Regents Meeting Moved to Saturday
  • Coulter, Amber. South Campus Adds Parking
  • Show Us the Green – WKU Benefits Committee
  • Whitley, Rebecca. Less Noise, More Respect
  • Page, Laura. Football is a Worthy Cause
  • Hellmueller, Margaret. Guns and Butter
  • Walker, Carli. Give It Up People – Girls Gone Wild
  • Coulter, Amber. A Century on the Hill – Founders Day, WKU Centennial
  • Clark, Laura. Invitational Is Prep for Conference Meet
  • Stramm, Jason. Tops Sign Second Kentucky Prep Star – A’Darius Pegues
  • Mitchell, Jake. Lady Tops Sign Warren Central’s Alicia Bunton
  • Harten, David. Western to Host Regional Tournament
  • Wilberding, Beth. Western Three Wins from NCAA
  • Watt, Wes. Lame Duck Tops to Visit FIU
  • Stamm, Jason. Tops Prepare to Play Austin Peay
  • Mitchell, Jake. Old Rival Techsters Return
  • McNamara, Andrew. Newer Fake IDs Don’t Fool Bar, Liquor Store Owners
  • Paul, Corey. ‘Sexy’ Sitcom Inspires Talks on Women’s Issues – Sex and the City
  • Masero, Angelika. Reggaeton Music ‘Exploding’ on Campus
  • Green, Tavia. Music Flashbacks to Groove Audiences – Bowling Green Chamber Orchestra
  • Green, Tavia. Non-traditional Student Works to Overcome His Past – Jerry Moten
  • Teague, Hawkins. Reba’s Niece, Local Band to Perform at Redz – Autumn McEntire
  • North, Amber. Tornado Warnings Inspire Columnist to Change Her Ways
  • Stackhouse, A. Layne. Program to Educate Smokers about Health Issues – Great American Smokeout
  • Venzin, Megan. Documentary to Show Downside to Wal-Mart
  • Stackhouse, A. Layne. Western Students Debate Touring British Team – WKU Forensics Team
  • Harrell, Bobby. Wilderness Medical Course to Be Taught During Winter Term
  • McNamara, Andrew. Police Explorers Hope to Begin Police Careers
  • Fontana, Alex. Director Encourages Post-college Study – Craig Cobane, Honors Program
  • Caudle, Leah. Students Help with Hurricane Cleanup – Hurricane KatrinaUA
  • Leslie, Joey. Campus Programs Get Democracy Awards


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