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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Paul, Corey. Athlete Arrested for Baptist Student Union Burglary – Shane Rayners
  • Coulter, Amber. Council on Post-Secondary Education Must OK Tuition Changes
  • Stackhouse, A. Layne. Teachers Become Sticky Targets
  • Harrell, Bobby. Hill Becomes Stage for Student – Rebeckah Lyons
  • Brandenburg, Katie. Student Government Association Primary Vote Canceled
  • Paul, Corey. Vandalism Problem Grows
  • Rising Crime
  • New Bike Path Will be a Great Addition
  • Watkins, Robert. There Are Too Many Student Fees
  • Brandenburg, Katie. Skipping Class May Soon Earn Students a Failing Grade
  • Paul, Corey. Alpha Gamma Rho Member Accepts Plea – Trenton Jackson
  • Coulter, Amber. Finalized Budget Under Way
  • Brandenburg, Katie. Spring Elections Postponed
  • Stamm, Jason. Promising Season Ends on Loss
  • Stamm, Jason. Titans May Visit the Hill
  • Harten, David. Antone Towns to Take Bat for Otters
  • Harten, David. Matt Wilhite Pitches Inning in Exhibition Game
  • Shull, Abbey. Western Has Successful Road Trip over Break
  • Mitchell, Jake. Lady Tops Falter in Little Apple
  • Harten, David. Fourth Inning Rally Leads to Win
  • Stamm, Jason. Spring Drills Open Saturday
  • Erd, Mackenzie. Painter in 42nd Year Beautifying Campus – Tommy Price
  • Hupman, Samantha. Electrician Utilizes Chance at Free Classes – Herb Hess
  • Ross, Lisa. Our Generation Not Apathetic
  • Bosken, Nina. Student Group Creates Taiwanese Paper- Taiwanese Student Association
  • Laun, Susie. Students Compete for Cash – Black Student Alliance
  • Venzin, Megan. Students Soak up Charity Rays While Helping Katrina Victims
  • Hupman, Samantha. Dream Becomes Reality for Student despite Tribulations – Pat Parnell- Grissom
  • Hopkins, Shawntaye. Rally to Oppose Possible Immigrant Laws
  • Laun, Susie. Panel Focuses on Gay Families – Fairness Campaign
  • Leslie, Joey. Speaker Takes It to the Next Level – Lorenzo Suter
  • Coulter, Amber. Dining Services Awarded for Diversity
  • Brandenburg, Katie. Forum to Explain Need of Student Fees
  • Clark, Ashlee. Western to Celebrate Good Times on the Hill – Student Government Association
  • Paul, Corey. Stolen Lumber Truck Recovered
  • Smith, Jessica. Mechanic Keeps Western Rolling – Bob Zoellner
  • Stackhouse, A. Layne. Technician Breezes through Challenges – Jason Kiper


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