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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Coulter, Amber. Proposed Funding Falls Short, Tuition Increase Possible
  • Brandenburg, Katie. Student Government Association Senators Delay Censure Decision
  • Brandenburg, Katie. Students: higher Ed Funding a Must
  • Venzin, Megan. Alumnus Returns to Direct ‘Ragtime’ – D.J. Salisbury
  • Bosken, Nina. Group Gives up Spring Break to Build – Westerns Habitat for Humanity
  • New E-mail a Bust
  • Watt, Wes. America’s Culture Should Come First
  • Justus, Greg. Free is Suppose[d] to Mean Free
  • Marino, Kristin. Students Deserve Better
  • Miller, Michael. Some Words are Offensive
  • Coulter, Amber. House Passes State Budget
  • Coulter, Amber. Students Lobby for State Health
  • Harrell, Bobby. Program Helps Youth Achieve Dreams – Just Think!
  • Bosken, Nina. Filmmaker, Band to Visit This Semester – Angela Shelton, Nickel Creek
  • Stackhouse, A. Layne. Building Holds History of Western – Kentucky Building
  • Ross, Lisa. Passion Should Not Be a Compromise
  • Hupman, Samantha. Small-town Girl isn’t a ‘Normal Teenager’ – Jessica Grant
  • Bosken, Nina. MTSU Music Director to Speak at B&N – Paul Wells
  • Bosken, Nina. Students, Faculty Present Research – WKU Geography & Geology
  • Bosken, Nina. Campus CleanUp Today
  • Stackhouse, A. Layne. Performance Spreads Women’s Awareness – Vagina Monologues
  • McNamara, Andrew. Parking Problems May Increase Next Semester
  • McNamara, Andrew. Centennial Mall Project to Be Completed by Fall
  • Harten, David. Baseball Tops Get First Win against Kentucky in Two Years
  • Shull, Abbey. Invite Begins Saturday – Western Kentucky Invitational
  • Schoenbaechler, Danny. Tuesday Leaves Black Eye
  • Stamm, Jason. Frustrating Finish Crushing Loss Kills NCAA Talk
  • Courtney Lee Played Sun Belt Conference With Broken Hand
  • Mitchell, Jake. At-large Bid Appears Likely


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