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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Class & Club
  • Editorials
  • Exchange Tidbits
  • Personals
  • Society
  • Trype

This issue contains articles:

  • Most Popular Students Are to Be Chosen
  • Players’ Guild Is to Present “Under Cover”
  • Men’s Quartette Sings at Chapel
  • Dr. Gordon Wilson Speaks at Dixon Woman’s Club
  • Herald Features Linoleum Cuts
  • Valuable Gifts Are Presented to Kentucky Museum
  • Social Is Held at Christian Church
  • He Has Seen the World—and Photographed It Too – Raymond Hornback
  • New Teachers Are Employed for Semester
  • Six Western Athletes Coach in Ohio County
  • Faculty Hosts at Reception
  • Varsity, Frosh Letters Given
  • Roosevelt Ball Is Held on Hill on January 30
  • These Girls Are to Get Sweaters
  • Undoubtedly It Pays to Advertise. Oh Yeah?
  • They’ve Changed Textbooks Again
  • Second Staging of Play, ‘Kempy,’ Is Successful
  • Play Is Given at Cedar House – Class of 1934
  • Dr. Finley Grise Returns to Work after Illness
  • Ted Shawn Will Be Here on February 19
  • Jean Thomas Is Scheduled to Speak Here
  • Charles Gadd Is Judge in Contest
  • The College Editorial
  • Friendship
  • Advice to the Lovelorn
  • Netters Win at Murfreesboro
  • To a Silhouette
  • Varsity Wins 36-21 Decision from Tennessee Polytechnic
  • School Journal Publishes Study by Dr. Salomon


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