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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Advice to the Lovelorn
  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Class & Club
  • Collegiate Days & Nights
  • Personals
  • Society

This issue contains articles:

  • Herald Editor Wins Founder’s Award for 1935 – Milton Jones, Ogden Medal
  • Training School Boy Wins State American History Test – W.L. Matthews Jr.
  • Excursion to Smoky Mountains Planned
  • Member of Byrd Expedition Talks at Chapel June 12 – Richard Black
  • Ferren, Paul. Cherryton Had Important Part in Life of Western
  • Manual Arts Exhibit Is Visited by Many
  • Hill Sponsors Local Vespers during Summer
  • Miss Sybil Stonecipher Travels in Europe
  • First Summer Dance Is Tomorrow Night
  • Western Co-ed Attends Mountani Laurel Beauty Pageant – Mary Jaggers
  • Seniors Merit Test Exemption
  • New Tennis Courts Open to Students
  • Herald Heads for Next Year Are Announced
  • Beauty Contest Held Last Night – Business & Professional Women’s Club
  • Estes, Kenneth. Spoonholders Provide New Campulsology Labs
  • 2nd Summer Term Begins July 15th
  • Several Teachers Added to Conduct Special Classes
  • Enrollment for Summer Term Largest in History
  • College High Opens for Summer Sessions
  • Mother of Local Faculty Member Succumbs Here – Cassie Robertson
  • Physics Department Gets Picture
  • Our Advertisers
  • The Curriculum
  • New Spoonholder Dedicated Wednesday
  • Dr. and Mrs. Earl Moore Make Tour
  • Kentucky Library Has Interesting Scrapbook
  • Three Student Clubs Will Hold Meeting During Summer
  • Dr. Henry Cherry Addresses Louisville Class
  • Ministers Are Chapel Guests
  • Students Plan Visit Blue and Gray Park
  • Three Student Clubs Will Hold Meeting during Summer
  • Collegians Will Tour North during Summer
  • Carl Anderson Predicts Successful Season in Football Tests
  • Swimming Pool Opened June 17 for Public Use
  • Grid Prospects Good at Murray


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