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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Club Notes
  • Humor
  • Personals
  • Society
  • Sports Shorts

This issue contains articles:

  • Memorial Service for J. H. Clagett
  • Dormitory Dance Will Be Held Here Tomorrow Night
  • Members of Talisman Staff Are Interviewed
  • Library Club Has Luncheon
  • David Montgomery, Grad, Recommends Track Team
  • Broadcast to High School Seniors Will Be Made Tuesday
  • Senior Class Presents Radio Program Here
  • New Building to Have $1,400 Observatory – Cherry Hall
  • Founders Day Observed Here – Ogden College
  • James Cornett Prepares Paper
  • Professor John H. Clagett Dies at Home Here
  • School Dance Set for April 9
  • Mrs. Cherry Speaks – Bessie (Swartz) Cherry
  • “Romantic Age” to Be Staged Thursday Night
  • L.T. Smith to Speak
  • Dr. D. West Richards Thanks Students Here
  • Alumni of University of Indiana in Banquet Here
  • Tumbling Team in Scottsville Program
  • Annual Senior Day Slated for Friday, April 9
  • What College Can Do For You
  • Kentucky Education Association Breakfast
  • John Clagett Passes
  • Debate Team Meets Illinois College Here
  • Wilson, Gordon. Tidbits of Kentucky Folklore – Family Nag, Clock Tinker
  • Col. John Guilliams Speaks in Chapel Recently – Southern Normal School
  • Herbert Schmid Takes ROTC Students to Convention
  • ROTC Inspection Date Set May 19
  • Band Concert Date Slated for May 19
  • Tennis Team Gets Started
  • Robert Layson, Student, Dies
  • Western Grad at South Carolina College – Harold Gilbreth
  • Finley Grise, Others Attend Meet
  • Helen Cooksey Is Awarded Blue Ribbon at PTA Congress


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