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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Clubs
  • Personals
  • Society
  • Sports Shorts

This issue contains articles:

  • Paul Garrett Heads Association of State Schools
  • Arndt Stickles, Charles Denman, Ercell Egbert Attend Kentucky Social Studies Meet
  • Gordon Wilson to Speak at Leitchfield Nov. 11
  • Chimes Are Expected to Arrive This Week – Cherry Hall
  • Joseph Knitzer Opens Concert Series
  • M.C. Ford Made Chairman of Bowling Green Tobacco Tour Group
  • Welch, John. Stars-Or Interstellar Space-Will Be Studied
  • Trigg, Alvin. Western Players to Stage Icebound on November 12
  • Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association Meets December 3, 4
  • Stewart Walz Employed
  • Freshmen Give WHAS Program
  • Agriculture Students Study Credit
  • Personnel of Men’s Glee Club for 1937-8 Is Announced Today
  • Plaque Presentation Set – Class of 1937
  • Heating Plant Recommended
  • Prof. J. H. Clagett Subject of Speeches
  • Harold Edds Attends F.F.A. Meet
  • Cox, William. Band Brings Big Apple for Murray Teachers
  • L. T. Smith Will Represent SIAA at Olympic Meet
  • Home Economics Meet Slated
  • Times “Lifts” News Bit That Columnist Buried
  • Pre-Med Exam to Be on Dec. 3
  • National Youth Administration Checks Received
  • Bronze Statue to Be Unveiled Founders’ Day – Cherry Statue
  • Talisman Officers Are Nominated by Special Committee
  • Mary Cole, Mabel Rudisill Attend Elementary Conference
  • College Heights Post Office
  • Report Change of Address
  • August Winkenhofer Wins Class Presidency
  • Kate Barton Heads Librarians
  • Alumni Groups Meet Nov. 12
  • Iva Scott Club Plans Initiations, Yearbook
  • Dean F. C. Grise to Speak at Classical Meet at Georgetown
  • Animal Husbandry Class Will Visit Livestock Exhibit
  • Riflemen to Display Technique Tomorrow
  • All-ROTC. Rifle Team Tryouts Held
  • James Rutan Heads Out-of-State Group
  • Registrar Moves into Cherry Hall
  • 3rd Dad’s Day Throng Large
  • Congress Club Will Revise Constitution
  • Cherry Country Life Membership Soars
  • Sextette Chosen; Plans Repertoire for 1937-8 Season
  • French Club Meets at Kittlestick Camp
  • Juniors Vote Dues Assessment Oct. 28
  • George Grise Made Sophomore President
  • Japanese Art Is Fascinating
  • Frugal Scots Tip Cardinals – College High
  • Arts and Crafts Picnic Scheduled
  • Murray Upsets Hilltop Frosh
  • Judson Griffin Speaks at Meet in Owensboro Tomorrow
  • International Relations Club Holds First Meet
  • Physicists Attend Meet
  • Patrick Tanner Is Freshman President
  • Cheerleaders make Trip to Kalamazoo
  • William Terry Seeks Track Team Build-Up in Kentucky Colleges – Gander Terry
  • Bailey Pride, Warren Cooper are at Naval Academy
  • Women’s Athletic Association Begins Two Sports Competitions
  • Damon Harrison Is Head of Social Science Club


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