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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Club Notes
  • Music Morsels
  • Payoff with Pay
  • Personals
  • Society
  • Training School

This issue contains articles:

  • Thompson, Kelly. SIAA Net Tournament Opens Thursday, March 2 for Third Year on Hill
  • Special Press Room Set up for SIAA Sports Writers
  • Ivan Wilson Loans Art Work to Firm for Exhibition
  • International Relations Group Organize for Second Semester
  • Former Student Cast in Stellar Role of Noted Play – Ann Fairleigh
  • Arndt Stickles Speaks to American Association of University Women
  • State Scoring Champ – Harry Saddler
  • Kentucky Building Work Progress
  • Herb Ball, Elliott Stevens Receive Citizenship Award
  • Dr. I.F. Jones to Tour Davies Schools
  • College Chorus to Give Concert at Music Meet
  • Dr. Reuben Shaw, National Education Association Head, Visits Western
  • Over 125 Teachers Attend English Meeting on Hill
  • Sledge, Julia. Geological Material in Kentucky Museum Now Being Classified
  • Frank Yarbrough Plays for Royalty
  • Zack Hill to Represent Western in State Contest, March 4
  • TB, X-Ray Pictures Shawn to Students - Tuberculosis
  • Home Economics Meeting Held on Hill
  • Talisman Contract Let to Louisville Firm; Yearbook to Be Larger
  • Dr. Earl Moore to Attend State Radio Meeting
  • Annual Freshman Social Planned for March
  • College Men Spend Fortunes for Hats
  • Miss Mattie McLean Reported Improving
  • Second Term Enrollment Shows Substantial Increase over Previous Semester
  • Dr. Warner Willey Appointed to Serve on State Committee
  • Dr. C.P. McNally’s Father Succumbs to Paralysis – J.R. McNally
  • Phonies
  • Why?
  • Recent Book Tells Women Beauty Secrets
  • Girls Glee Club Plan Activity
  • C.H. Jaggers Speaks to Two Clubs
  • Talisman Staff Presents Chapel Program
  • Drs. Paul Garrett and Finley Grise Attend Convention
  • Junior Class Meeting
  • Faculty Wives Entertain Husbands With Dinner
  • Pan-American Passenger Plane Makes Fast Record
  • Fresh Class Meeting


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