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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Club Notes
  • Music Morsels
  • Payoff with Pay
  • Personals
  • Society
  • Tower Light
  • Training School

This issue contains articles:

  • Harman, Lewis. Kentucky Building Nears Finish; Opening Planned for Fall
  • August Class Expected to Outnumber Previous Classes
  • Annual Soap Box Derby Scheduled for July 25
  • Rural Life Meet to Be Held Here
  • C.H. Jaggers Receives Medal and Membership in Fraternity
  • Elliott Stevens to Go to University of Louisville Football Field
  • International Relations Group Holds Meeting on Hill
  • Football Field Resurfacing Completed - Old Stadium
  • Summer Vespers Draw Many to Stadium
  • 300 Enrolled in Training School for Summer
  • San Francisco Fair Trip to Leave Western August 19
  • Judson Griffin Conducts Party of Fifty to New York World’s Fair
  • Several Teachers Employed for Summer Term
  • Dr. Henry Cherry’s Portrait Completed
  • Homey Lassey, Paul Rutledge Win Robinson-Ogden Contest Medals
  • Industrial Arts Department Adds Metal Tools
  • Biology Class Goes on Field Trip
  • Thelma Davis Spends Summer in Art School
  • 1914 Class Meet Attended by Thirty-Three
  • Two Additions Made to Bowling Green Business University Plant
  • Mrs. Fanny Grant Dies at Home of W. J. Craig
  • Genetics Group to Visit Institutes Tomorrow
  • Third Annual Roundup for “Men Only” to Be Held on Hill Tonight
  • Winifred Wilson Honored by Phi Beta Kappa
  • Over 200 Students Enrolled in Swimming Classes
  • Seniors Present Plaque to College
  • Wanted – Character, Self-Reliance, Ability
  • Roundup Time
  • See America First
  • Accepts Position – Wayne Lewis
  • Tale of Tails Tells Woes of Lamplighter
  • Alumni Heads Elected at Annual Meeting
  • Dr. Bert Smith’s Poem to Be Published in Herald
  • Second Summer Term to Open at Western July 17
  • Raldon Smith Edits ROTC Camp Paper
  • Temperature Reaches New High
  • Copious Supplies of Rain and Sun Beautify Campus
  • Chimney repaired on Heating Plant
  • Fossils Given to Biology Department
  • Work Progresses on Music Hall
  • Frances Washburn’s Brother Killed in Glasgow – Louis Washburn
  • Announcement – Sue Chaney Born
  • Steffey, Ruth. My Windows
  • Steffey, Ruth. Summer
  • Steffey. Ruth. Ascent
  • Steffey, Ruth. Morning
  • Steffey, Ruth. Books
  • Steffey, Ruth. Nothing
  • Steffey, Ruth. Life
  • 355 Attain Honor Roll for Second Semester
  • 75 Students Receive Penmanship Certificates
  • Kentucky Building to Be State Shrine
  • N. O. Taff Speaker at Kiwanis Meeting
  • College Grad Job Prospects Brighter
  • George Grise Is Elected President by Young People
  • Commencement Week Featured Many Activities in College and Training School


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