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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni Flashes
  • Athletics
  • Blow Blarney Bluff
  • College High Times
  • Faculty Notes
  • Personals
  • Society
  • Student Organizations
  • Tower Light
  • Vox Studentium

This issue contains articles:

  • Pay, Robert. 4,400 High School Seniors Visited Hill Last Friday
  • Spring Term Opened Monday, April 1
  • Kentucky Education Association to Hear Faculty Members
  • Talisman Feature Section Unveiled
  • Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association Meeting Starts Tomorrow
  • Music Festival to Begin Tomorrow, Ends Saturday
  • Hughes, Harold. Clean-up Spirit Abroad on Hill
  • Nineteen Receive Craig Penmanship Certificates
  • Winners of Poster Contest Announced
  • Snapshots
  • Welcome Change
  • Carver, Gayle. Portraits Hung in Kentucky Museum
  • Mother’s Day to Be Observed May 10
  • M.C. Ford Honored at Memorial Chapel
  • M.P. Raney to Stand Trial April 16
  • Golf Team Begins Practice
  • Pershing Rifle Team Dance Featured Drill Team
  • Campbell, Virginia. If You Want Something for Nothing, Attend Chapel
  • The Unidentified Are Identified – Saltpeter Cave
  • Dolls Represent Different Periods of Dress Styles – Kentucky Museum
  • Senior Injured in Automobile Accident – Hazel Philips
  • A Cappella Choir Presents Program at Church
  • Priestly Play Pleases Players’ Puzzled Public – Western Players
  • Future Farmers Meet Here Tomorrow
  • Cooley, Ed. Dorm Becomes (?) a ‘Hen House’ – Schneider Hall
  • Tour Planned to New York – World’s Fair
  • Shortstop Pitches in Baseball Season Opener – John Magda


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