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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni Flashes
  • Athletics
  • Blow Blarney Bluff
  • Club - Notes
  • Engagements – Weddings
  • Faculty Notes
  • Hilltopics
  • Looking Backward
  • Society – Personals
  • Sports Spotlight

This issue contains articles:

  • Rally, Chapel, Dances, Game Tell Homecoming
  • ‘Best Sellers’ Attract Students
  • Kentucky Building Visitors Number 30,000 for Year
  • Ann Lamb Selected – Pershing Rifles
  • Frosh Picture Deadline Today
  • Toppers Face First State Foe in Morehead
  • Western Players’ “Outward Bound” Slated for Friday, November 15
  • R.H. Richardson and Thomas Adkins Improved
  • College Heights Herald in New Office
  • President Fixes Thanksgiving Date
  • Amphibians “Were” Sought by Aquatic Department
  • Founder’s Day to Be Observed November 18
  • ‘Big Time’ Card Faces Diddlemen
  • America’s First Line of Defense
  • Mr. Herald Has an Inspiration – Western Players
  • We Are Precedent Breakers
  • Chapel Program Are Announced
  • Miss U. T. Miller Is Phi Beta Kappa Pledge
  • Social Studies Group Chooses Hill as Convention Site
  • Reporter Polls Freshman Class
  • Another “Passing Institution” Passes – Asphalt Sidewalks
  • Carneige Library Has 1000 Records
  • Western “Hits” New Students; Much Meets Eye, Hand, Ear
  • Richard Eberenz Is Commissioned
  • Western Has Well Qualified Military Head – E.B. Crabill
  • Gruen Offers Valuable Awards
  • Graduates Fail to Agree on What Draws Them Back
  • Prize Flowers of Dr. Bert Smith Win Gold Star Award
  • Training School Has Curriculum Laboratory
  • ROTC Unit Is Handling Saturday Football Crowd
  • 16 Western Students Attend Convention – Baptist Student Union
  • Composer Roy Harris Dedicates Song to John Vincent
  • Searcy, John. Know Thy Neighbor – Lillian Goldner, Clemins Rich, Carlos Johnson, Willie Crenshaw
  • The Who, The Where, 1940 Graduates
  • Two Hilltoppers Entered in Race
  • Charlotte Thomas Gains Highest Rating at University of Kentucky
  • Caroline Hayden to Appear in “Who’s Who”
  • A Capella Choir Begins Training
  • Presenting Your Class Presidents – Roger Parrish
  • Kentucky Library Receives Rare Autobiography – Robert Triplett
  • W Club Outfits Gym Lounge
  • Instant Interviews – Thanksgiving Holiday
  • 17 Juniors Take Advanced ROTC
  • Former Student Succeeds in Art Field – Dorothy Grider
  • Train, Bus May Be Chartered
  • Philip Runner Graduates from College of Bible
  • Louisville Writer Praises Terrymen
  • ‘Reader Appeal’ Is New Slogan
  • Music Morsels
  • Finley Grise Elected to Commission
  • Son of Former Western Athlete Killed in Crash – W.D. Croft
  • 2 Western Graduates, 1 Former Student Admitted to Bar
  • Choir Sings for Jefferson County Club
  • Gridders’ Final Home Contest Slated for Next Saturday
  • National Youth Administration Project Employs 55
  • Ghosts of Sadie Hawkins! Horrid Sight Is Unfolded
  • Herald Reporter Pulls Scoop of Ages: There Is no South
  • Cecil Sublett’s Painting Appears in Group


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