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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Al Stilley on Sports
  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Cartoon
  • Fraternity & Sororities
  • Hilltopics
  • Intramural Corner
  • On Campus
  • Tops in the Social Whirl

This issue contains articles:

  • Ewing, Valetta. ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ Opens Tonight in Van Meter – Western Players
  • University of Kentucky Vice President to Address Researchers – Raymond Bard
  • Miss Pam Picard to Represent Western at Mountain Laurel Festivities
  • Stilley, Al. Army Nips Tops, 58-54 in Tourney Heartbreaker
  • Western Students Plan Excursion to Chicago
  • Peace Corpsman Speaks; To Present Film Tonight – Robert Haupt
  • Faculty Facts
  • Western TV News Show Resumes on Channel 13
  • DeAngelis, Anita. Jim Dorris Described – “Busy Man on Campus”
  • Girls’ Dormitory Council Officers Plan Varied Spring Activities for Groups
  • ‘Born’ Newspaperwoman Compiles Club Stories – Barbara Sharp
  • Home Economist Interviews Seniors – Viola Hansen
  • Alpha Phi Omega Inducts Pledges
  • Dr. Charles Shedd to Discuss Appalachia Poetry
  • History Club Hears Lt. Col. Grover Smith
  • Young Democrats to Revamp for Spring
  • 14 Home Economics Students Practice Teaching
  • Dr. William McMahon Speaks at Leiper English Club
  • Dr. William Jenkins Addresses Home Economics Club
  • Cherry Country Club Hosts Cattle Sale
  • Circle K Meets Tomorrow at 6:30
  • SNEA Spring Carnival Scheduled for Mar. 23
  • Rev. Charles Leavell Speaks at Noon Today
  • Methodist Students to Attend Conference
  • Biology Club to Conduct Special Meeting Monday
  • Baptist Student Union Choir Plans Spring Tour
  • Church Fellowship Plans for Convocation
  • Newman Hall Initiates Special Classes
  • New Cheating Machine Already a Flunk-Out
  • Hourigan, William. Class Attendance
  • Students Express More Views on Registration
  • Resemblance Is Noted in Campus Activities
  • Sigma Nu’s Praised
  • Molyneux, Lee. Teacher’s Turtles Tell of Scouting Days, Trips
  • Music Professor Chairs Meeting of Associates – Ohm Pauli
  • Mooney, Rachel. Southern Hospitality Seems ‘Very Real,’ Says Teacher from Arab Republic – Swikar Elwan
  • Collier, Joy. Billy Mills Serves Air Force in Space Technology
  • USAF Captain Receives Medal for Service – Chesteen Smith
  • Fatigue Uniforms Arouse Curiosity
  • Regimental Champion to defend Honor Title – Douglas McConnaughhay
  • Phi Mu Installed; Greeks Busy with Elections
  • Molyneux, Lee. New Titles Fill Shelves, Cover Numerous Topics
  • Home Management House Residents Host Tea
  • Martin, Toni. Orderly Confusion Sets Scene in Audio-Visual
  • Stilley, Al. After Playing on “Garden” Floor Dwight Smith and Bill Bradley Share Traits
  • Henry Wadsworth Earns Runnerup Vault
  • Stilley, Al. Diddle Arena Passes NCAA’s First Exam
  • Jimmy Feix to Speak at Clinic
  • NIT Notes
  • NIT Committee Honors E.A. Diddle with Gala 70th Birthday Party
  • Schwartz, Larry. Michigan, UCLA, Princeton, Wichita Vie for NCAA National Championship
  • Hoyle, John. Ted Hornback’s Netters Face Toughest Schedule Ever
  • Toppers Lead All-Sports Race
  • Musically . . .
  • Miss Gabrielle Robertson Donates Books to Ky. Library
  • Horst Buchholz Stars in German Film
  • College High Honors Two School Dramatists
  • William Sanders Selected for Who’s Who – Whitey Sanders
  • Kay Washer Wins on Television Show – The Price is Right


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