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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Al Stilley on Sports
  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Cartoon
  • Club Clippings
  • Fraternity & Sororities
  • Happiness & the College Set
  • Hilltopics
  • Intramural Corner
  • On Campus
  • Religious Activities
  • Tops in the Social Whirl

This issue contains articles:

  • Gala Homecoming Weekend Opens Tonight
  • Master Plan Scheduled for December Completion Date; Major Problems Loom
  • Campus Officers Named; Jack Britt Heads 1966 Class
  • Mass Media Students again Work on Live TV
  • Graduate Record Exams Explained by Dr. John Lane
  • Slides, Projector Given Kentucky Building
  • Duo Debaters to Vie in North Carolina
  • New Ruling Now in Effect – WKU University Libraries
  • Faculty Facts
  • SNEA Fashion Show Features Campus Models
  • Dick Clark to Return
  • Gentry, Margaret. Composer’s Works Set for Carnegie Airing – Bennie Beach
  • Cannon Blast Excites—but May Injure Also
  • Warm, Friendly Weekend Ahead
  • Clarke, Kenneth. Booby Traps Are Present; Wise Students Avoid Them
  • Best, Norma. Out-Of-Staters Asked Why They Chose Western
  • Porter, Tod. The Hilltoppers Quartet Are Gone; but Potential Hits Abound
  • Two Received Future Farmers of America Award – Joe Chapman, Maurice Heard
  • Music Series Begins Tuesday
  • Gentry, Margaret. Debbie Bryant Is an All-American—with a Crown
  • Pershing Rifle’s Escort Miss America
  • Assembly to Feature State Police Colonel – James Bassett
  • 2 Graduates Assistants Teach Test Methods – Mary Estos, Dan Omlar
  • Regent Honored as Outstanding Doctor – Gerald Edds
  • Greeks Spend Long Hours in Preparation for Homecoming Activities, Rush Parties
  • Denton, Jim. Drama Leads Interviewed at Rehearsal – Roberta Webb, Jim Cobb
  • Four Chosen for Research
  • Industrial Arts Sets Coffee Reception
  • Tops Host Drake in Homecoming
  • Cross Country Squad eyes 18th Win in 20 Dual Meets at Southeast Missouri
  • West, David. Who’s ‘Firpo’? A Topper 43 Years… Still Scouting – Turner Elrod
  • Heilman, Keith. Austin Peay Rests as Middle Tennessee State University Catches Up
  • Stilley, Al. Fame, Fortune Is Western’s Grid Claim


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