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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Hilltopics
  • Looking Backward
  • Society – Personals
  • Faculty Notes
  • Alumni Flashes
  • Music Notes
  • At the Capitol - Movies
  • Weddings - Engagements
  • Spikes, Cleats & Sneakers
  • Daily Doings
  • Quotable Quotes
  • On the Western Front
  • The Service Column

This issue contains articles:

  • 1944 Talisman Staff Members Are Chosen
  • Oak Leaf Medal to be Awarded – Larry Pace
  • “Claudia”, 18th Production of Western Players, to be Presented December 10
  • Dr. A.L. Crabb Gives Manuscript to Kentucky Library
  • Senior Committees for Year are Selected
  • Convention of Music Clubs Held Tomorrow
  • Carnegie Room Has Large Record Collection
  • “The Village” is Now One of the Hill’s Memories – Cherryton
  • College Chorus to Sing Carols
  • Chapel-Goers Hear Milton Greenwald
  • Henry, Helen. Former Western Pre-Meds Make Professional Honors
  • Dr. and Mrs. Bert Smith Hold Open House
  • Strange Species on the Campus – Gingko Tree
  • Your Christmas Gift
  • Harris, Gloria. New Books Tell of WACS-WAVES
  • Reynold Weidenaar Prints Now on Display
  • Harris, Gloria. As Valuable as Clocks Are
  • New ASTP Boys Arrive on Western Campus
  • Holiday?? - Thanksgiving
  • Henry, Helen. “Quality for Quantity” is Dr. John Vincent’s Prediction
  • Lieut. Robert Baylor, Western Grad Dumps Bombs on Germany’s Cities
  • Hollan Ellis, Western Graduates, Dies
  • Former Superintendent Visits on the Hill – T.O. Hall
  • Library Display Tells Hill Story
  • Cheerleaders Are Selected at Rally
  • No Military Ball Held This Year
  • Cheerleaders Elected for Training School
  • Class Meetings to be Held December 7
  • Chapel Programs
  • New Winter Quarter to Begin January 4
  • Paxton, Jean. “There’ll be Some Changes Made”
  • Club Notes – Studio Club
  • Toppers to Play Ft. Knox Tomorrow Night
  • Opening Games is Victory for Toppers 50-25
  • A-S Nathan Boxer Wins Ping Pong Award
  • Hilltopper Team Introduced at Pep Rally
  • Simpson County. Defeats Cardinals
  • Colliers to Have Story on Coach E.A. Diddle and Team
  • Toppers Defeat Nashville Army Air Center by Close Score, 35-33
  • Girls Play Basketball at Weekly Women’s Athletic Association meet
  • Presentation Made in Van Meter Hall – Charles Tate Sr.
  • Former Students Given Medical Degree


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