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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Hilltopics
  • Looking Backward
  • The Chapel Hour
  • Alumni Flashes
  • Weddings – Engagements
  • Personals
  • Music Notes
  • Daily Doings
  • The Service Column
  • Spikes, Cleats & Sneakers
  • Faculty Notes
  • Here and There
  • Quotable Quotes

This issue contains articles:

  • Registrar E.H. Canon Announces Honor Roll
  • Talisman to be Ready by May 20
  • After Long Illness Mrs. Franz Strahm Regaining Health
  • ‘Uncle Harry’ to be Presented by Western Players
  • Western Grad is With Red Cross in Australia – Hallie Baumberger
  • Kentucky Education Assocation Convention to be April 13-14 in Lexington
  • Uncle Billy Craig With Fifty-Four Years at Teaching is Seventy-Two Years Young
  • Bronze Plaque to be Memorial of 1944 Seniors
  • “Passing Institutions” is Reviewed by Dr.A.L. Crabb
  • Bulletin – Clothing Drive for Russia
  • Paxton, Jean & Marion Miller. Mrs. Nila Magidoff Interviewed by Two of Herald Staff
  • Arthur Henderson, Robert Fries Give Concerts
  • From the 321st College Training Detachment
  • The Dawn of Tomorrow – Easter
  • Faulconer, Pal. What We Like About the Herald
  • Chaney, Maxine. Enrollment on Hill is 20 Percent Higher
  • President Paul Garrett is Guest of Honor at College Training Detachment Review
  • John Nesbitt’s Passing Parade Takes Over for Harry James and Co.
  • Mr. Horace McMurtry Observes Work of Cooperatives
  • Mr. Weldon Hart Made President of Graduate Students
  • Will Address Alvaton Club – Paul Garrett
  • Western to Lose 321st College Training Detachment
  • Kentucky Library Receives Journals of Former State Lieutenant Governor – Robert McAfee
  • Dean Finley Grise Compiles Statistics on Students
  • Top Flight Stars Aid and Abet Red Skelton and Eleanor Powell in “I Dood It”
  • 12 Seniors Names on Who’s Who, American Colleges & Universities
  • Margaret Skinner Gets Write-Up in Hi-Times
  • Caps Received by Nurses Aids
  • Clapper, Raymond. In Tribute to White and Clapper
  • Episcopal Church Has Suppers
  • Club Notes – Chemistry, Education Council
  • Courtney, M.B. 321st College Training Detachment is Host to Cubs
  • Mr. H.T. McAllister Presents Books to Library
  • M-Sgt. Reed Renick to Receive Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal
  • Administration Problems Wait-
  • Seniors Hold Annual Dinner
  • Aviation Students Visit Mammoth Cave
  • Dr. John Vincent Speaks at Vocal and Band Clinic
  • Kelly Thompson Commissioned in Navy
  • Dan Baldwin Accepts Alabama Job
  • Water Colors Displayed During Month of March – Walter Swan
  • Jo-Jo Williams Makes Solo Flight
  • 1944-45 Season Will See New Basketball Rules
  • Basketball Letters Awarded Squad
  • Plans Being Made for Women’s Athletic Association on Campus
  • Odicia Spears Voted Outstanding in Tournament Play
  • Senior Girls Victorious in Basketball Tourney
  • Coach E.A. Diddle Holds Tryouts for Cagers
  • Western Grad Accepts Position as Coach in Ohio – Paul Walker
  • Thumb-Nail Sketches of Students – Mary Hendrick, Byron Forgy, Dorothy Compton, Bob Holdsworth, Dot Yeiser, Hilton Sisk
  • Courtney, M.B. Western Co-ed Visits Flight Line
  • Faulconer, Pal. Spring Comes to the Hill-Mid-Winds, April Showers


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