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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Hilltopics
  • Faculty Notes
  • Alumni Notes
  • Society – Personals
  • Spikes Cleats & Sneakers
  • The Service Column
  • Alumni Flashes
  • The Chapel Hour
  • Sharps & Flats
  • Accidentals
  • Looking Backward
  • Kentucky Building News
  • Book Marks

This issue contains articles:

  • Summer Quarter to Open on Monday, June 4
  • Majorie Rickman and Helen Henry are Named as 1945-46 College Heights Herald Heads
  • Forty Three Seniors to Receive Degrees
  • Lt. T.C. Cherry Jr. Appointed to U.S. Council of Control over Germany
  • Major James Couch Inspects ROTC
  • College Chorus Gives Program
  • Education Council Gives Program
  • Vesper Services to be Held
  • WAVE Recruiters to be in Area
  • Lt. Hobson Sinclair is Liberated
  • Western Alumni Association Gives Luncheon
  • 1945 Talisman are Delivered
  • General Victor Strahm Speaks in Chapel
  • Army Show is Presented
  • David Helm Gives Recital
  • Senior Class Officers
  • Western’s President – Paul Garrett
  • Mansfield, Maxine. President Franklin Roosevelt Speaks in Bowling Green
  • What is Western?
  • Thumb-Nail Sketches – Maxine Chaney, Bertha Wilkins, Elinor Chaney, Mary Hale, Virginia Smothers, Elizabeth Collins, Bessie Jones, Sara Miller, Laura Marattay, Louise Montgomery, Grace Reep, Helen Watson, Jerry Bowman, Kathryn Sweet, Margaret Christian, Carolyn Middleton, Earl Prewitt, Elizabeth Mahan, Wanda McBride, Mayron Justis, Julia Pitts, Virginia Watts, Betty Leasure, George Taylor, Gertrude Barlowe, Katherine Barnard, Claire Barr, Erma Hunt, Helen Caldwell, Zelma Davis, Bettie Bryant, Gussie Brown, Alva Matherly
  • Cassady, Judy. William Saunders, Richard Kadel Meet
  • Plea Made for Shepherd Dogs – U.S. Marines
  • Club Notes – Veterans, Studio, History, Iva Scott, Western Players
  • Tennessee Valley Authority Recruiting Young Women
  • Dr. Arndt Stickles Makes Talks
  • Dr. and Mrs. J.T. Noe Honored at Tea
  • Talisman Staff Completes Work on Annual
  • Baseball Tournament
  • High School Music Festival Held on Hill


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