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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Hilltopics
  • Faculty Notes
  • Alumni Notes
  • Society – Personals
  • From the Press Box
  • The Service Column
  • Alumni Flashes
  • The Chapel Hour
  • Sharps & Flats
  • Accidentals
  • Looking Backward
  • Kentucky Building News
  • Book Marks
  • Training School Notes
  • Alumni Flashes
  • Dear Ma
  • News from the Alumni

This issue contains articles:

  • Third District Education Association Meets on Campus Today
  • Talisman Staff Members Named
  • Concert Ducat Sales Urged
  • Founders’ Day to be Observed
  • Mary Chisholm, George Daggit Present Recitals
  • Native of Syria Now Westerner – Theodore Boushy
  • Education Conference Held on University of Kentucky Campus
  • Cook, Anna. Keeping Us Posted are Charlie Miller, James Flowers, Aurel Hardison
  • Dossett, Frances. Mary Cole Directs Union County Classroom Remedial Meets
  • Canon, E.H. Guest Editorial
  • That’s America to Me
  • Field of Endeavor
  • Club Notes – Chemistry-Physics, English, Music
  • Banks, Evelynne. Field of Aviation Tempts Westerner – Josephine William
  • Boat Trip Held on Nolin River
  • Payne, Jeanne. In Their Footseps
  • Mary Cole Speaks Before Teachers
  • Visit Murray – Margie Helm, Sara Garris
  • Lloyd, Betty. Resources of Library Listed
  • 2025 Hours Spent as Nurses Aid – Sibyl Stonecipher
  • Dance Held for V-12s
  • Huffaker, Margueritte. Carnegie Room Offers Fine Music
  • Spooks Cavort Amid Dorm Revelry
  • Former Westerner Active in Work on VT Fuze – Charles Kleiderer
  • Coach Introduces Squad at Chapel Exercises
  • Diddlemen to Meet Bombers
  • Cardinals Prep for Heavy Schedule
  • Thumb-Nail Sketches – Bill Crafton, Jo Fish, Month Coffin, Minnie Skaggs
  • Western Grads Do Research
  • College Leases National Housing Administration Housing Units – Veterans Village


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