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Some pages mistakenly dated October 19, 1948.


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni Flashes
  • Book Marks
  • Kentucky Building News
  • Tidbits of Kentucky Folklore
  • Society Page
  • Faculty Notes
  • Veterans Views
  • Birds-I View
  • Sports Alley

This issue contains articles:

  • ‘Missouri Legend’ to be Presented November 11
  • English Poetess to Speak Before Chapel Assembly – Phyllis Wood
  • Edgar Raine to Speak on Alaskan Life
  • Homecoming to be Celebrated
  • Norman Cohen Appointed to Talisman Staff
  • Lyndol Mitchell Opus Wins Honors
  • Classes to Meet Next Wednesday
  • Congress Debating Club Adopts New Constitution
  • McClellan, Juanita. Cuban Born Student Finds Life Different at Western – Tery Hernandez
  • Keep the Campus Clean
  • Enrollment from States Announced
  • Joseph Knitzer Returns for Performance
  • Presbyterians Organize Youth Fellowship Group
  • Distinguished Students Seek Army Commissions
  • Baptists Plan to Attend Convention – Baptist Student Union
  • Graduate Writes Radio Textbook – James Shrewsbury
  • Physics Department Adds Laboratories
  • Radio Quartet Composed of Students at Western Kentucky University
  • Services Held for Western Graduate – Claude Rayburn
  • Veteran’s Checks May be Delayed
  • Joe Baxter Elected President of Chorus
  • Lt. Russell Dougherty Assigned to Twentieth Air Force
  • ROTC Executive Members Named
  • Mrs. Doris Smith Here as Chapel Soloist
  • Third District Education Associaton Conference Held on Campus
  • Chapel Program by Music Faculty
  • To Appear in Missouri Legend
  • Mr. N.H. Barbre Attends Science Meeting
  • Music Programs are Announced
  • Industrial Arts Grad of 1948 are Employed
  • Bowling Green Graduate is Flight Engineer – Samuel Allen
  • College to Receive Portrait – Mattie McLean
  • Chapel Features Mozart Musicians
  • Western Senior Honored as Miss Radio of 1948 – Vicki Ratcliff
  • ROTC Honors Top Students
  • Jack Lawson Elevated to Presidency of Band
  • Band Featured in Hartford Recital
  • Cedar House Reception Follows Union Contest
  • Western Educators Attend Meet
  • Clubs – Physics, English, Faculty Wives, History, Arts & Crafts, Biology, Veterans, Le Cercle Francais, Education Council, Cherry Country Life, Western Players, Pershing Rifles
  • Western Educators Attend Meet
  • Dr. Charles Smith Honored by Army
  • Hilltoppers Meet Georgetown Tomorrow Night
  • Louisiana Eleven Guest of Toppers
  • Western Batters Union Bulldogs
  • Cardinals Best Hilltoppers, 19-6
  • Wayne Guthrie Speaks on Atom Bomb
  • West Hall Gives Party After Union Pep Rally
  • Former Professor Gets State Correction Job – A.E. Watson
  • Class to Purchase Furniture for Dances
  • College High Selects Cheerleaders in Chapel
  • Southern Historical Group Meets in Jackson
  • First Dance of Year to Feature Red and Grey


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