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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Hilltopics
  • Book Marks
  • The Clock Says
  • Religious News
  • Looking Backward
  • The Potpourri Boils
  • Society
  • Alumni News
  • Faculty Facts
  • ROTC News
  • Above the Rim
  • Sports Slants

This issue contains articles:

  • College Heights Herald Wins Top Columbia Award
  • Annual Kentucky Education Association Breakfast is April 7
  • Dr. A.L. Crabb Will Address English Banquet
  • First Semester 2.5-3.0 Student Announced
  • Kentucky Education Association Will Be April 5-7 in Louisville
  • Fabulous Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra to Highlight Talisman Ball
  • President Kelly Thompson Speaks to Senior Class
  • Susan Lones is College High Valdictorian
  • Kathy Adkins, James Skaggs Represent Western in Kentucky Oratorical Association Meet
  • One Wore Blue - - - the Other Grey – Civil War
  • Hocker, Ed. Top Ten Books Poll Taken
  • Madison, Bernard. What Do You Say, Suitcasers?
  • Annual National Education Association Workshop Ends Officially March 22
  • Governor Bert Combs Appeals to State Grads
  • Ten Topper Commandments
  • Mrs. Duncan Hines Gives Gift to Kentucky Building
  • Carroll Harrison, Mary Sledge are Delegates to Kentucky Education Association Convention
  • Cherry Country Life Will Present Senior Awards
  • Young, Aline. Posters, Slogans, Speeches Highlight College High Politics During Elections
  • Gerry Konsler Speaks
  • James Sullenger Loan Fund Established
  • Martine Lashley Quadruplet Attends Western
  • Lillian Lehman Award Voting Next Tuesday
  • Four Music Majors Give Senior Recitals
  • Literary Festival is April 20-22
  • Male Animal is Set for March 22-24
  • Western Senior is Recreation Director – Frank Johnson
  • Congress Debaters Elect Officers
  • Western Debaters Compete Today in State Meet
  • Shorthorn Cattle Show Tomorrow at Agriculture Pavilion
  • Joseph Robertson is Chosen Assistant Secretary of Agriculture
  • President Kelly Thompson and Dean Raymond Cravens Rescued by Basketballers
  • Alice Chumbley Holds Two Fashion Shows
  • Toppers Win Over Cards by 96-80
  • Intramural Top 10 Chosen
  • Baseballers Look Forward to Top Season
  • Morehead Eagles Squeak Past Toppers in Overtime
  • Three Top Toppers Seniors Charlie Osborne, Panny Sarakatsannis, George Warren Play Final Game
  • Track Team to Start March 20
  • Physical Education Club Holds Meet
  • Intramural-er’s Continue With League Play


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