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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Book Marks
  • Hilltopics
  • Looking Backward
  • Social Activities Calendar
  • Alumni News
  • Sports Slants
  • Faculty Facts
  • Horoscope
  • Religious News
  • Intramural Corner
  • Bowling
  • Musically

This issue contains articles:

  • Kentucky Education Association Breakfast Friday April10
  • Student Center Bids Opened in Frankfort – Garrett Conference Center
  • Bob Adams Selected for Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association Board
  • Dianne Clifton Nominated for Lillian Lehman Award
  • Darel Carrier is Selected to Helms All-America
  • Governor Reappoints Maxey Harlin, Gerald Edds to Board
  • Verdier, Dogulas. Student Teaching is Valuable
  • Ercell Egbert Boosts Faculty Research
  • Progress and Sacrifice
  • Young, Al. Teahouse Made of Wood
  • Porter, Tod. Coed’s Spring Conflict
  • Reed, Joyce. Spring is in the Air
  • Pendleton, Doris. A-A Building is Utilized by Three Departments – Diddle Arena
  • Club-tivities – Geography, Western Players, Jefferson County, International, Psychology, Physical Education
  • Hubert Griffin Resigns to Head City Commission
  • Training School Tips
  • Student National Education Association Holds Annual Dinner Donates to Scholarships
  • Two Students are Considered by North Carolina State
  • Western Students Star in Television Shindig
  • Campus Hosts Music Festival This Weekend
  • Buck Sydnor Selected Assistant
  • Toppers’ Baseball Debut Spoiled by Tennessee Tech
  • Stilley, Al. Rookies Key to Baseball Future
  • Greek Column – Kappa Gamma Chi
  • Semper Fidelis Society is Organized
  • Top Cadet Will Receive A Rapier


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