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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Book Marks
  • Hilltopics
  • Looking Backward
  • Social Activities Calendar
  • Alumni News
  • Sports Slants
  • Faculty Facts
  • Horoscope
  • Religious News
  • Intramural Corner
  • Bowling
  • Musically

This issue contains articles:

  • Writers Present Books in Honor of Richard Oakley
  • 425 Students Selected for College Dean’s List
  • Georgetown to Entertain Debate Team
  • Margaret Gentry Wins Student National Education Association Speech Contest
  • Expansion Planned for Student Center – Garrett Conference Center
  • Barry Brown Named DMS in ROTC February 25
  • Darel Carrier Tops Scoring Mark; Western Loses
  • James Goodman Gets Doctorate from Northwestern University
  • Club-tivities – Congress Debating, Physical Education, Young Republicans, History, Breckinridge County, Western Players, Chemistry
  • Cadet Pilot Program Successful
  • Teachers Attend Danforth Meeting
  • Glance Back Stare Ahead
  • Orndorff, Bennie. To Stop Smoking Or Not to Stop
  • Still Smoking???
  • Porter, Ted. Beatle Bob
  • Greek Column – Lambda Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Phi Alpha, Phi Kappa Alpha
  • Six Pretty Coeds Cheer for Hilltopper Freshmen
  • Card Party is Staged by Home Economics Girls
  • Roy Cobb Will Train Samoans in ETV
  • Western Wins Intramural Tournament
  • Freshmen Down Bethel Quintet by 107-63 Score
  • Dykes, Larry. Loss to Austin Peay Called Heartbreaker
  • Freshmen Lose Final Game Finish 14-2
  • Track Team to Compete in 11 Meets
  • Dan King Announces 24-Game Slate for Diamondmen
  • Toppers Up, Down LaSalle in Shocker
  • Eastern Drops Toppers 90-69 in Home Finale
  • John Wanner Portrays Sakini in Player Production
  • And the Girls Agree He is the Greatest
  • College High Grad Wins Essay Award – James Smith
  • Home Economics Students Entertain
  • Debaters Officiate 4-H Contest
  • Visitor Sends Money for Stay


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