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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Clubs Calendar
  • WKU and Me
  • Alumni News
  • Coming Events Calendar
  • Toppertalk
  • West on Western Sports
  • Dear Mom

This issue contains articles:

  • Outstanding Senior Named in Awards Day Program – Rita Sutton
  • Heraldites to Hear Photographer Bill Strode
  • Record Number 702 to Receive Degrees
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Alpha Delta Pi Named Winners of WKU’s Annual Greek Week
  • Draft Boards to be Sent Class Rankings
  • Western Players Fete Performers at Dinner
  • Phi Delta Theta to Conduct Auto Safety Check on Campus Saturday
  • Dr. George McCelvey Wins Annual Topaz Award
  • Florida Prof to Lead Summer Music Clinic – Marriet Nordholm
  • Greeks Provide Best Week Ever
  • Will Prof Staff Teach Courses?
  • Perhaps Pre-Final Packet Could Help Flunkies Pass
  • Paligraf, Tom. Wants Breakfast til 10
  • Mayhew, Janice. Thanks Student Body
  • Denhardt, Mrs. J.G. & Mrs. Paul Gerard. Thanks Campus Organizations
  • Boulton, Betty. Wants Activity Calendar
  • Howard, Bob. Enjoys Reading the Herald
  • Crump, David. Stands Up for Pedestrians
  • Collier, Michael. Wants to Cut Down on Speed
  • Bryant, Alice. Later Hours for Student Center
  • Matthews, Stephen. Herald Congratulations
  • Theobald, Kathy. More Copies Requested
  • Okamoto, Kenny. Enjoys Greek Week
  • Lawrence, Ron. Dr. Cherry Overcame Hardships to Become Education Leader
  • Kentucke Gazette Exhibited in Kentucky Museum
  • It Was a Very Good Year – Photo Spread
  • Williams, Brad. Psychology Prof’s Methods Add Reality to Texts – Albert Laird
  • Sociology Department Plans New Courses
  • Toppers Reclaim Trophy; Thinlies Champions Again
  • McDaniel, Mike. Murray Nips Tops Again to Take Ohio Valley Conference Crown
  • Linksmen Can’t Foil Raiders
  • Lowell Tarrants Signs Grant in Aid With Western Kentucky University
  • Tom Bird Inks Pro Pact With Akron Vulcans
  • Cheerleaders Are Chosen
  • Bob Daniels, E.A. Diddle Student, to Coach Kentucky Wesleyan
  • Ratliff, Linda & Janet Radke. Two Coeds Hold Lead in Intramural Tennis
  • Arts and Crafts Projects on Sale


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