WKU Sociology

Publication Date

Fall 1968


Table of Contents

  • Fulton, Robert L. & Gilbert Geis. Social Change & Social Conflict: The Rabbi & the Funeral
  • Kane, John J. The Irish Wake: A Sociological Appraisal
  • Loveland, Glenn G. The Effects of Bereavement on Certain Religious Attitudes & Behaviors
  • Morgan, Al. The Bier Barons
  • Porter, William H., Jr. Some Sociological Notes on a Century of Change in the Funeral Business
  • Salomone, Jerome J. An Empirical Report on Some Controversial American Funeral Practices
  • Spilka, Bernard, Robert J. Pelligrini & Kathryn Dailey. Religion, American Values & Death Perspectives
  • Strauss, Anselm L., Barney G. Glaser & Jeanne C. Quint. The Nonaccountability of Terminal Care
  • Vernon, Glenn M. Some Questions About the “Inevitable-Death Orientation”
  • Helper, Harold R. A Selected Bibliography on the Sociology of Death
  • Baali, Fuad. Book Review of Leroy Bowman’s The American Funeral: A Way of Death
  • DiBella, Edward. Book Review of Robert Fulton’s Death & Identity
  • Miller, James K. Book Review of Barney Glaser & Anselm Strauss’ Awareness of Dying
  • Furlow, Richard. Book Review of Geoffrey Gorer’s Death, Grief & Mourning
  • Wittman, James S. Jr. Book Review of Robert Habenstein & William Lamers’ The History of American Funeral Directing
  • Wittman, James S. Jr. Book Review of David Sudnow’s Passing On: The Social Organization of Dying


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