WKU Sociology

Publication Date

Fall 1969


Table of Contents:

  • Bart, Pauline B. Why Women’s Status Changes in Middle Age
  • Bourque, Linda Brookover & Kurt W. Back. The Middle Years Seen Through the Life Graph
  • Davidson, James D. Religious Involvement & Middle Age
  • Deutscher, Irwin. From Parental to Post-Parental Life: Exploring Shifting Expectations
  • Geschwender, James A. & Benjamin D. Singer. Riot Participation & the Middle Years
  • Herb, Terry R. Middle Age & Aging: Neugarten’s Approach
  • Levin, Jack & Gerald Taube. Attitudes Toward Public Housing Among Middle Age Tenants
  • Levin, Martin L., William W. Pendleton & Lewis Bowman. Political Partisanship of Middle Age Voters
  • Mayer, Thomas F. Middle Age & Occupational Processes: An Empirical Essay
  • Meile, Richard L. Age & Sex Differentials in Psychiatric Treatment
  • Payne, Raymond & Barbara B. Pittard. Divorce in the Middle Years
  • Rosencranz, Howard A. Role Perceptions of Significant Others by Old Persons
  • Segal, Bernard E. Suicide & Middle Age
  • Taylor, Linda Scharf. Some Propositions About Dependency & Alcoholism
  • Tygart, C.E. Socio-Economic Status of the Pastor’s Family of Origin
  • Warren, Donald I. Age Group Response to Race Tension


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