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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Porter, David. Louie Nunn, Wendell Ford Capture Top State Offices in Tuesday’s Election
  • WKU Audiences to See a View from the Bridge
  • Student Dies in Accident – James Duvall, Barnes-Campbell Hall
  • Jon Braun to Discuss, Love, Sex
  • Men Haven’t a Chance Lecturer Warns Assembly – Cleo Dawson
  • Carpenter, John. Students Stage Professional Opera
  • Dr. Jim Miller’s Poems on Sale at Bookstores
  • Guest, Randy. Trio Mixes Popular Sounds – George Mitchell, Butch Kaufman, Jim Warford
  • WKU Faculty Representatives Attend Sessions
  • Becket Set for Tonight in Snell Hall
  • Concert Set by Students – Delta Omicron, Phi Mu Alpha
  • Carpenter, John. Writers Seeking Refuge in Psychedelic Cranny
  • Alley Playhouse Continues Play Tonight
  • Baccus, Connie. Nursing Department Enlarges as Students’ Needs Increase
  • Debaters to Host Weekend Tourney
  • Boulton, Betty. Activities Publicized This Year
  • Seniors Make Murray Contest Red Towel Day
  • Freshman Coed Tea on Tap November
  • American Association of University Professors Endorses Student Code of Rights, Freedoms
  • London Student Housing Poses Serious Problems
  • Orsburn, Mike. Counseling Services Provide Guidance
  • Dogpatch Dance Set Saturday
  • November Nonsense Reset November 29
  • Students are Judged on School’s Reputation
  • Nightclubs Full? Try the Library
  • John Oldham, Toppers Deserve Spirited Western Support
  • CBS Head Backs 24-Hour Voting
  • Becker, Richard. Deplores Child-Like Treatment
  • Stewart, Paul. Seeks Mail for Vietnam
  • Hunter, Rodney. Students Lack Pride
  • Slaughter, Michael. Wants Gridiron Saved for Tops – Old Stadium
  • Four Tops Hit Tops with Soul and Spirit
  • Povey, Vannah. Freshmen May Find Identity Through Honors Colloquium
  • White, Alana. Nigerian Exchange Student Explains Differing Views on School and Life – Edward Ezedi
  • Dr. Carlton Jackson Authors Book
  • West, Dave. You’re Right Melvin, the Writing’s Easy
  • Lowe, Jimmy. Local Movies Feature Rosie, Joseph Cotton
  • Paul Terrell Named to Geography Professorship
  • Williams, Debby. Chinese Courses Here are Unique
  • Catholic Newman Center to be Completed in June
  • Baptist Student Union to Hear Missionary – Dorothea Lane
  • Bennett, Ellen. Campus Organizations Schedule Varied Activities
  • Club News – History, Geography & Geology, Economics, Honors, American Marketing Association, Cherry Country Life, Arts & Crafts
  • Sullivan, Marta. Snipe Hunt Here? Kentucky Museum Has Collection
  • Chaney, Joanne. Sigma Chi Derby Week Ends
  • Dr. Mary Clark to Speak on Her Jesse Stuart Book
  • Students Take 3rd Class Exam in Nashville
  • Army Cites Western Grad – Larry Smith
  • Nolte, Henry. New Testing Method Here – Computerized scoring
  • WKU Ensemble to Play Tuesday at Convention
  • Minton, John. Agriculture Department Plans Research
  • McDaniel, Mike. Late Surges Haunt Tops as They Return to Butler
  • Upset by Raiders Dims Hopes of Title
  • Potter, J.L. Tops in State Championships; Outrun Invitational Opponents
  • McDaniel, Mike. Clem Haskins in Comeback Role as Rookie for NBA’s Bulls
  • McAllister, Roy & Wink Pugh. Pi Kappa Alpha’s Upset Phi Delta Theta; Roadrunners Win
  • Glowacki, Mary. Newman, Alpha Omega Pi, Rodes-Harlin are League Leaders
  • Trophies Won by Livestock on Display
  • Kentucky Speech Association Workshop
  • Kentucky Museum Exhibits Antique Display


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