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Special homecoming edition of the College Heights Herald:

  • Brewer, Jerry. Coming Home to the Hill – Homecoming
  • Hall, Rex. Otis Day Helping Hill Shout Out the Century – Big Red’s Roar
  • Adams, Robert. Coming Home Like Christmas
  • Brown, Abbey. Lowell Harrison A Living History of Western
  • Warren, Brandy. Gordon Ford’s Legacy is Donation
  • Homecoming 1999
  • Gaines, Jim. Buildings Change, But College Friendships Stay the Same
  • Logsdon, Jeremy. Alumnus Spends Life Fighting AIDS – Gene Shearer
  • A Message from the President – Henry Cherry, Class of 1931 (WKU)
  • Grubb, Christy. Jann Aaron Pioneered for Women in the Medical Field
  • Eslingers, Justin. Halloween Special for Director – John Carpenter
  • Clark, Ryan. Your Guide to Western vs. Tennessee State University – Football
  • Mayo, Travis. Football Game Could Bring Title to Hilltopper Country Song
  • Brewer, Jerry. Defending, Offending & Appending the Offense – Football
  • Clark, Ryan. Toppers, Tigers Close But on Different Paths – Football


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