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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Radford, Judy. Bouncing Checks
  • Miller, Roger. Associated Students Asks Reporter to Leave
  • Russell, Steven. Graduation Set May 13
  • Madison, Stephanie. Seventh Century Celebration Scores Bullseye for Cupid – Valentine’s Day
  • Miller, Roger. Peru Impresses WKU Emissary – William Lloyd
  • Flanders, Jill. Residency Requirements for Kentucky Outlined
  • Lawrence, Fred. Development in Latin America Varies of Geography – John Augelli
  • Associated Students Protests Censorship While They Practice It
  • Miller, George. Wants Visitation Rights
  • Vaughn, Keith. Enjoyed Pig Story
  • Jacobs, Stephen. Questions Associated Students
  • Hyman, Muriel. Wants Draft Ended
  • Weaver, Kim. Ray White May Enter Senate Race
  • McCoy, Morris. Nick Kafoglis Dislikes Fee Hike but Feels Measure Justified
  • Weeks, Steve. Marvin Mews Finds WKU Pot of Gold
  • Cross, Al. Hot Buttered Isaac Hayes Coming Feb. 17
  • Miller, Roger. Music Man to Open Feb. 24
  • Miller, Roger. Roger Miller Meets Match in Cellar Showdown – Brenda Hilliard
  • Young Republican Plan Washington Trip
  • Elmore, Valerie. Frank Neuber Advises Varied Courses for Law Students
  • Western Tests East Tennessee State University, Tennessee Tech on Road Trip
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Elizabethown Trips Topper Freshmen – Elizabeth Town Community College
  • Potter, Jerry. Tankers Host Eagles in Home Finale, Face Powerful Colonels Tomorrow
  • Mason-Dixon Games Highlight Busy Day for Jerry Bean’s Tracksters
  • Potter, Jerry. Tony Stroud Gives Way to Seniority
  • Miller, Roger. Norman Mailer was Divinely Drafted
  • Week to Stress Black Culture


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