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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Pence, Carter. Associated Student Government Congress Votes to Appeal Student Affair’s Decision
  • Davis, Nancy. 400 Students Wait for Refrigerators
  • Black Greeks Schedule Show
  • WKU to Participate in Telerama – March of Dimes
  • Spinks, Martha. Afro-American Expert Speaks on Freedom Dates – William Wiggins
  • What’s Happening
  • Anderson, Bart. Suggestions Offered to Prevent Winter Colds
  • Fall Break Needed
  • Ski Lift Might Do It
  • Proposed Road Endangers Pioneer Weapons Area
  • Phonebook for Everyone
  • Lawrence, Fred & Stephen Owens. Inventory Control a Challenge to Darcy Tabor
  • Russell, Steven. Pre-Vet Girls Get Involved with Patients – Deborah Hutchins
  • Ayers, Elaine. Cafeteria Puts Music on Menu
  • Herald to Publish Literary Works
  • Johnston, Scott & Elaine Ayers. Playing in the Rain
  • Lynch, Dan. London Theatre Study - Tour Slated for December
  • University Theatre Plans Exchange with Kentucky Wesleyan
  • Pence, Carter. Western vs. Eastern Kentucky University: Conference Situation Adds More Coal to 46-Year-Old Rivalry
  • Lawrence, Fred. Cross-Country Team Looking for Revenge
  • Schooley, Skip. Seer in Tears, Picks Toppers, Tennessee Tech to Prevail
  • Jim Richards Looks Ahead to Basketball Season
  • Tops Invade Austin Peay State University
  • Sarles, Harry. Keen Hall Downs Pearce-Ford Tower 20-12
  • Louie Nunn to Visit Campus Monday


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