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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Conrad, Peggy. Three-Day Seminar Probes Down to Earth Problems
  • Foreign Policy Conference Set Tomorrow at WKU
  • Hightower, Paul. Associated Students Congress to Seek Ratification of Four Constitution Changes
  • Collegiate Journalists to Convene Here Today
  • Adpi 500’ to End Greek Week
  • Miller, Joyce. Terry Miller Crowned Greek Goddess
  • Potter, Jerry. Triangular Alignment Will Dominate Future World Affairs – John Stoessinger
  • Forcing Underclassmen to Live in Dorms Absurd
  • Pidgeon, Patrick, et al. Attacks Scheduling – Greek Week
  • Lewis, Lynette. Compliments Spotlights
  • Simpson, Steven. Backs James Dowd
  • Goodwin, Sarah & David Werner. We’re Sorry, Sir – John Stoessinger
  • David Porter – Associated Students Unsung Hero
  • College Editors Recognize Pollution as a Serious Threat
  • Todd, Tom. Move into Policy Making Area to Accomplishment of Year
  • Smith, Don. Student Discount Card Planned for Fall Term
  • Jewish Student Association Group Sponsors Sader
  • Cincinnati Basketball Star Inks Pact with Toppers – Richard Hampton
  • Tracksters Travel for Weekend Meets
  • Murray Nine Salvages Splits of Twinbill with Hilltoppers
  • Western Golfers Wallop Kentucky Wesleyan
  • Simpson, Richard. Racquetmen Surprise Murray as Terry Hassall, P.A. Nilhagen Shine
  • Western Senior Wins at Regatta – Joel Furman
  • Four Students Join Sigma Delta
  • Drill Team Scores in Queen City Meet
  • Science Fair
  • Business Confab
  • Agriculture Institute
  • Art Day
  • Two Plays Billed for Next Week


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